Fortnite Season 4 Should Bring Back Rift-To-Go Item

rift to go fortnite

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If you think back to Fortnite Chapter 1, you’ll remember an item called the Rift-To-Go that would allow you to instantly get out of a tight situation and essentially reset by rifting into the sky.

They were added all the way back in Season 5, and the timing might actually be right to bring them back once again. I’m not just saying that because I’d like the item back, but I actually think it’d make a good deal of sense.

With so many rifts appearing all over the map, it’d be cool to actually carry one in your inventory to get yourself out of a dangerous spot or even to be used as a way to quickly rotate.

Why It Should Come Back

Since there are rifts popping up on the island, the next logical option would be a way to bottle them up and carry them around.

The fireflies that currently don’t have a lot of uses in the game can actually be bottled up and kept in your inventory, for whatever reason.

How about Epic takes that same concept and allows us to snatch up the rifts around the island and do the same thing? Reddit user Blackout4567G floated this idea and it seems like a pretty solid one.

It would take the rift away from its normal location, so other players would be blocked from using it, but it’d definitely benefit anybody who’s able to come across one.

Would This Balanced?

There’s a good argument to be had that this wouldn’t be all that balanced, especially when you considered there’s on a finite number of rifts on the map, meaning a squad could potentially grab all of them.

However, would it be any more unbalanced than the abundance of single-spawn Mythic weapons like Doom’s Gauntlets? In a season full of crazy items and weapons, why not just throw another fun item to play with into the mix?

I’d be excited to see what could be done with this item in Chapter 2 Season 4.

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