What The Mandalorian & Baby Yoda Mean For Fortnite Season 5

the mandalorian fortnite season 5

Epic Games / Disney

Although we’re still several days out from the actual start of Fortnite Season 5, we already know some key information about it.

The end of Season 4 should be really crazy if it really is the biggest thing we’ve ever seen, which would almost certainly mean the start of the new season should be just as crazy.

Well, we already have a good clue of what to expect in the new season thanks to a leak from Epic themselves. It’s not exactly going to be anything that reveals actual details about the upcoming season, but we do know who the secret skin will be at least.

Let’s take a look and find out what this will mean.

Mando & Baby Yoda

The big news from November 24 was the fact that both The Mandalorian and The Child, better known as Baby Yoda, will be in Fortnite Season 5 as a skin.

Various leakers believe these characters will just be the secret skin in Season 5, which would seem to indicate a return to normalcy.

If you think back to earlier in this chapter, you’ll remember that Deadpool and Aquaman, while both being superheroes, weren’t really connected to the overall story of the season. Meanwhile, Wolverine was a big factor in Season 4, so we can’t blame people for immediately jumping to the conclusion that Season 5 will have a Star Wars theme.

According to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey, that will not be the case.

From my understanding, Season 5 is NOT a collab season, but instead going back to how Deadpool and Aquaman worked, being the “secret” skins you get, while the other skins are brand new and unique.

So, What Will Happen Next Season?

It’s worth nothing that there are two other skins that appear in the image with Mando, meaning they will likely be part of the Battle Pass, and you’ll immediately notice that they don’t appear to have any connection to Star Wars.

That’s not saying there won’t be more Star Wars content as we progress through the season, but it’s not looking like an entire season will be centered around it.

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