Fortnite Chris Hemsworth Skin Leaks Following Free Guy

Epic Games / Netflix

If you’re a fan of getting actors into your video games, then you might be excited to know what Fortnite’s cooking up next.

No, we’re not talking about the Ryan Reynolds Free Guy skin, but instead we’re focusing on another film star in Chris Hemsworth. His film Extraction came out last year on Netflix, and the directors of the film openly wondered if Hemsworth’s character Rake could defeat John Wick.

That led Epic Games CCO Donald Mustard to ask Joe Russo to add Rake into Fortnite to find out. Of course, John Wick was already a skin in Fortnite at that point, and we can’t forget The Reaper Battle Pass skin from Season 3 that players immediately likened to Wick.

While it might have seemed like a joke at the time,. it looks like Mustard meant business.

Enter Rake

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We have a look at this upcoming skin, without Hemsworth’s head, thanks to Fortnite leaker FireMonkey. Without the head, it looks like it could be just about anything, but there are some giveaways that it’s from the recent film.

The dead giveaway is the tattoo on the character’s arm does seem to match up with the headless skin, so it seems like this one will end up being Tyler Rake.

Extraction was a popular film on Netflix, but it didn’t really do a whole lot to stay on the mind of many viewers after watching it. It’s hard to imagine anybody who was actually asking for this skin in Fortnite outside of Donald Mustard, but more skins are always nice.

When Does it Come Out?

Epic GamesSo many crossovers.

Considering this was a leak instead of an official announcement, we don’t know when this skin will come out.

Leakers do mention that it was included in the same file as the Free Guy skin, something that’s already been released. It’s unclear why Epic decided to hold the Tyler Rake skin back, but that’s the situation we’re looking at right now.

On the bright side, since it is in the files already, Epic could decide to release it without the need for an update. We’re likely looking at another update next week, and it will more than likely require a bit of downtime. This means Epic might be holding off until then, but there will also be some other things to look forward to on top of that.

The end of the season is coming up fast and that usually means the story kicks it into another gear. That hasn’t been the case for the past couple seasons, but with the alien mothership looming over the island snatching up POIs, it looks like Epic will finally break that trend.

We still have around a month to go, but things are definitely shaping up for a crazy ending for this season. We’ll just have to hope Epic finds some way to top the Ariana Grande concert because we don’t want that to overshadow a season-ending event.

Buckle up because it should be a fun ride.

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