Where to Find Free Guy ATMs in Fortnite

fortnite free guy atm

Epic Games

A special collaboration just began in Fortnite that brings Ryan Reynolds to the game.

While it’s not exactly the Reynolds from real life, it’s close enough as it’s his character Guy from Free Guy, and it fits perfectly within the world of Fortnite.

The main appeal of this collaboration is certainly the skin that’s coming to the game on August 12, but there are some other things for players to do. If you are wandering around the island and notice a suspicious looking ATM, you might want to try interacting with it and seeing what happens.

If you do this, the titular Guy will pop out at you and give you a special quest. Interestingly enough, these can actually be very counterproductive to you trying to win a game. One of them requires you to jump in front of a moving vehicle for the sum of 200 Gold Bars. Money’s money, right?

Where to Find ATMs

fortnite atms

Epic GamesThere are probably more.

The ATMs can now be found around the world of Fortnite, and they can usually be located within popular POIs.

While Slurpy Swamp is a shell of itself following the alien attack, there’s still an ATM left in the remnants of the area, so you can check it out there if you still trying to hold onto this spot as viable drop area.

As of right now, we were able to track down four different ATMs, but there are almost certainly more than this. If you’re just trying to complete a bunch of quests, you don’t need to track all of them down.

Slurpy Swamp, Risky Reels, Pleasant Park and Craggy Cliffs are all guaranteed to have an ATM with Ryan Reynolds, but if you check out other spots like Misty Meadows or Lazy Lake, you can probably find more.

The main thing you’re looking for are the wacky quests, and we have some tips on how to complete those.

Simple Tips to Know

Epic Games

For the quest that requires you to take damage from a moving vehicle, instead of jumping in front of a car and getting eliminated, there’s a much easier method.

You can instead position a car on a ramp, get underneath it, and then shoot it out to have the car land on you. This will make the car “move” and land on you, allowing you to complete the quest and get an easy 200 Gold Bars.

Many of the quests in the game don’t come close to rewarding you with this many bars, so these sort of quests are more than worth it, even if they could lead to your swift demise.

There’s also one that says to take melee damage, but that one seems like you’ll just have to bait and enemy into hitting you with a pickaxe. You could also try getting hit by a boar to see if that works.

All in all, this ATM quest stuff is pretty cool and it’d be nice to see Epic keep it in the game in some way in the future. Imagine if we had Doctor Slone talking through a hologram like this instead of Ryan Reynolds.

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