Fortnite Reveals Collaboration With New Ryan Reynolds Movie

fortnite free guy collab

Disney / Epic Games

The crossovers don’t seem like they’ll ever be stopping in Fortnite at this point as fresh off the Ariana Grande concert, another famous entity is making its way into the game.

Instead of being a world-famous musician, Epic is shifting gears to Hollywood and Ryan Reynold’s film Free Guy is crossing over with Fortnite. This will mark the second time a character played by the actor appears in Fortnite as Deadpool came to the game early in Chapter 2.

This might seem like a strange collaboration on the surface, but you have to assume that Epic and Disney have a very strong working relationship at this point, so things like this might come a bit more naturally now.

On top of that, streamers Ninja and Pokimane both make brief appearances in the film, and those two also have Icon Series cosmetics in Fortnite.

Free Guy Crossover

fortnite free guy skin

Epic Games

If you want a skin of a shirtless Ryan Reynolds at any point while you were playing Fortnite over the past several years, then you’re in luck.

The Free Guy skin will feature a totally shredded and shirtless version of his film’s character, so your wishes for that will come true. Of course, the shirtless Midas skin will also hold a special place in our heart.

Building off all of this, Ryan Reynolds himself will appear in the game through a small video message when you complete the Free Guy quests, which leaves the door open to very interesting possibilities.

We already have the radio feeding us lore in the middle of a match, but if you leave the area or get into a fight as its happening, it can be hard to pay attention to. If you have an actual avatar staying on your screen telling you what it needs to tell you, the info can be more easily digested.

How to Get the Skin

fortnite atm free guy

Epic GamesIt seems like this ATM will be important for the quests.

If you want to get your hands on this skin, you’ll need to save up your V-Bucks because it’ll be coming to the Item Shop.

Unlike other crossovers we see in Fortnite, this one will bit more involved as we’ve already mention Reynolds himself will be in the game. This means that it’ll come with a few quests to complete, but it mostly appears to be a way to promote the new film. These quests are available through September 6.

This Free Guy skin will be releasing in the Item Shop beginning August 12, but there’s currently no timetable on how long it’ll be sticking around. Releases of this nature tend to stay around for a while, similar to how Bloodsport is still in the shop despite releasing a week or so ago. Don’t even get us started on how long The Flash stayed there.

What this does mean is that whoever wants to pick up the skin will have ample time to do so. The movie releases on August 13, so it’s just time for that, which is like what both Disney and Epic had in mind with the release.

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