Fortnite Cosmic Chests Were Originally So Much More

fortnite cosmic chests scrapped features

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There’s a new chest in town for Fortnite Season 7 and that’s the Cosmic Chest. These bad boys take a long time to crack open, but the loot you find inside of them is more than worth it.

Now, you will have to make sure you hit the targets on it accurately or you will get lesser loot, but it’ll still be worth it. While many players would feel that these chests are in a good spot, it looks like there was a point where they were meant to be a lot more than what they are.

Thanks to a leak from Fortnite leaker HYPEX, we have the details on what they were originally going to do versus how they actually ended up in Season 7.

Scrapped Cosmic Chest Concepts

The information revealed from HYPEX says the chests were meant to give us weekly Battle Stars, but he notes this was either delayed or scrapped entirely. It’s likely that there would have been a cap on these stars because players would’ve been able to endlessly farm them if that wasn’t the case.

He also says there was supposed to be a “Fresh” or “Drip” concept and when it’d be set to “Drip,” you’d be rewarded with more Alien Artifacts, XP and gold than you’d usually get.

We don’t know why Epic decided to cut these features, but we do know that the chests are still more than worth digging up without them.

Perhaps we could see more features come to the Cosmic Chests in future updates, but for now, we’ll have to just stick with what we have.

How Do The Chests Work?

If you haven’t cracked open a Cosmic Chest yet, then what are you waiting for? There’s a lot inside of these, but if you’re primarily a Solos player, then you might not have seen one yet.

When you run into a chest, it’ll start a mini-event where you and your teammates will become tethered to the chest as you take turns hitting the target and breaking it open.

If nobody on the squad misses, then it’ll drop a bunch of good loot. Even if you do miss, it’ll still drop good loot.

Essentially, it’s like getting a really good supply drop and there will be enough loot in it to gear up an entire squad, so there’s really no reason to miss out on one if you see it. The only downside we can think of is the amount of time it can take to open it.

You might find yourself getting into an unwanted fight while you’re in the middle of whacking one, so you’ll want to find a way to avoid that whenever possible.

It doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to spot one coming from the Battle Bus like you would with a llama, so you’ll be running into Cosmic Chests once the zone starts to appear. This means there’s a more random element to them, but they are still more than worth opening.

What’s the best loot you’ve ever gotten from one?

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