Fortnite Coral Castle’s Days Might Be Numbered

fortnite coral castle destroyed

Epic Games

Against all odds, Coral Castle, one of the absolute worst POIs in Fortnite (argue with the wall), is set to meet its demise if leaks are accurate.

First introduced in Chapter 2 Season 3, Coral Castle hasn’t really been touched at all since its release and outside of being a place for players to max out on brick before the first circle closes, there really aren’t many reasons to be here.

Despite this, Epic has decided to keep it around for far too long, but it’s looking like that might’ve been for a reason.

A variety of leaks have indicated that Coral Castle could be flattened in a future update and potentially replaced with something new. Here’s what we know.

Coral Castle Could Be Removed

According to Fortnite leaker Mang0e, it sounds like a crater will appear in the ground at Coral Castle and there will be some sort of mysterious pipe.

The area also seems like it’ll have a billboard show up that advertises something. For right now, we don’t know exactly what any of this means, but we’re fans of seeing the POI get destroyed.

Now, if Coral Castle is just rebuilt to be the exact same as it was before, then what’s the point of all of this? Instead, we’d have to assume that Epic plans on getting a whole new POI here, which would be good news because we don’t get a whole lot of those anymore.

This season didn’t add a ton of places at all outside of some places having their names changed, so this will be a welcome addition.

As for when any of this could happen, that’s all up in the air.

When’s The Destruction?

fortnite ufo nerf

Epic Games

We currently have no timetable as to when this destruction could happen outside of it happening at some point during this season.

There is a gigantic UFO looming over the island and we expect that it’ll do something cool by the time the season is all over. It’s been quite some time since a true live event, with Galactus being our last one somehow, so we’re overdue.

Unlike the solo event we had last time, this season didn’t have an event at all, but instead we had to find out what was happening through a story trailer. The UFO will likely move around at some point during this season and maybe we’ll see a giant beam come down, destroy Coral Castle, and leave a big crater in the area.

In a way, Coral Castle is already a crater since it’s under the map technically, but we’re sure it can get even deeper. The start of the season has been exciting with the inclusion of the UFOs, so let’s hope Epic is able to keep the ball rolling with the storyline.

With IO Guards, aliens and UFOs on the map, the possibilities feel endless, so let’s see what the developers can cook up. Someone is going to have to deal with this UFO at some point.

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