How to Get Free Cosmetics in Fortnite Llama-Rama Event

fortnite rocket league llama rama rewards

Epic Games

When something is successful as a Rocket League and Fortnite crossover, it only makes sense to do it again and that’s just what Epic Games is doing.

Introducing the second Llama-Rama, a two week event that will allow players to unlock cosmetics for both games, provided they put the work in and complete the challenges.

Unfortunately, you will have to fire up Rocket League and play that in order to get the rewards in both games. If you’re somebody who is pretty bad at Rocket League, rest assured that you should still be able to get everything done in two weeks.

The hardest thing to do will be to win 10 matches, but since that’s just a Rocket League only reward, it will be smooth sailing for everything else. At this point, it might be worth knowing what you’ll have to do and what cosmetics you’ll unlock.

What Are The Challenges?

There are five challenges in total, six if you’re counting the Rocket League-only one, but they should all be simple to complete if you spend time on them.

Here’s a look at all six of them with their rewards for each game:

Challenge 1: BeYonder

  • Description: Play three online matches
  • Fortnite Reward: Battle Ball Spray
  • Rocket League Reward: Topper – DJ Yonder

Challenge 2: More Llama Bell

  • Description: Get 500 total points in online matches
  • Fortnite Reward: Llama-Rama Loading Screen
  • Rocket League Reward: Player Anthem – Llama Bell

Challenge 3: Over Yonder

  • Description: Get five Goals, Assists, or Saves in online matches
  • Fortnite Reward: Everybody Dance! Lobby Track
  • Rocket League Reward: Octane Decal – DJ Yonder

Challenge 4: Umbrella Royale

  • Description: Get five Clears and Centers in online matches
  • Fortnite Reward: Zooming Wrap
  • Rocket League Reward: Wheels – Umbrella Royale

Challenge 5: Extra Ordinary

  • Description: Play one online match in any of the Extra Modes playlists
  • Fortnite Reward: Turbo Ball! Back Bling
  • Rocket League Reward: Player Title – Extra Ordinary

Challenge 6: Winning is Everything (Rocket League reward only)

  • Description: Win 10 online matches (Repeatable)
  • Rocket League Reward: 20,000 XP

Most of the challenges will just revolve around things that will done in any game of Rocket League with the only thing you have to do being to just do them.

We’re talking about scoring goals, playing online, and getting clears, so it’s all pretty basic stuff. The only obstacle is the matter of simply doing them, but if you give it a solid try, it shouldn’t be impossible.

How Long Do You Have?

fortnite llama rama rewards

Epic Games

The event runs from March 25 to April 9, so you do have plenty of time to complete all of these challenges, but you won’t want to wait forever.

With a spray, lobby track, loading screen, wrap and back bling up for grabs, you’ll want to make sure you grab all of this while you can.

These will all likely end up exclusive, meaning if you’re a collector who has to have everything, then you’ll want to fire up Rocket League and finish these challenges. Time is of the essence, so don’t miss out and enjoy the Llama-Rama festivities.

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