Overpowered Fortnite Cuddle Fish Vaulted Due to “Issue”

fortnite cuddle fish vault

Epic Games

With so many fish available in Fortnite, there are bound to be some clunkers and some overly powerful ones.

Some of the strongest fish that come to mind at Zero Point, Rift and now in Season 6, we have the Cuddle Fish variant.

These fish are able to loaded up onto vehicles as bombs that inflict a ton of damage, or they could just easily eliminate players that are supposedly boxed up and safe.

No matter the situation, it looked like the Cuddle Fish could be used to get easy eliminations and there wasn’t really any way to feel safe with them in the game.

We don’t know the exact reasoning behind the decision, but Epic has vaulted the Cuddle Fish from all competitive playlists.

Cuddle Fish Vaulted

Citing “an issue,” Epic removed these fish from Arena mode, but you should still be finding them in a regular lobby.

It’s clear that these fish were a cool addition to the game, but as they stand right now, they might just be a bit too powerful. There are several changes that could be made that make them more balanced, perhaps the biggest one being as simple as making them rarer.

In the clip above by Fortnite pro Reet, you can see how easy it is to fight somebody with the Cuddle Fish, so if there’s no rework, we might not even see them show back up in competitive modes at all.

They are a bit like C4 when that was in the game, but it could be argued that Cuddle Fish are much easier to get, and when they can do damage like this, then there’s an issue.

For many players, this is simply just part of the game, but when there’s money on the line, then you can see why this might end up being a problem. If you can take out multiple players with just a few fish, something has to be done.

What Should Be Done?

Fortnite’s definitely in a weird spot where it has to cater to two different types of players.

In the beginning, this was definitely a game that almost anybody could play, but now that there is a growing competitive scene, there’s another group that needs attention.

As a result, we’ve seen some of the wackier things that Epic has added over the years be left out of Arena mode for the sake of competitive balancing.

For the most part, this has worked out well, but when we’re leaving out new Season 6 features like Cuddle Fish, it might be an issue. The start of a new season is always exciting in Fortnite, and that same logic does apply to competitive players.

If the loot pool continues to stay the same each season despite new items, things will become stale and that’s not really much fun for anybody.

Now, Cuddle Fish could definitely come back at a later date, but considering we don’t know why they are gone from only competitive in the first place, it’s a bit scary.

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