Fortnite’s Best Mobility Option Yet is On the Way

Epic Games

Epic Games is always looking for new ways to push Fortnite forward, and it looks like they have settled on one of the coolest changes yet.

Anybody who plays the game regularly knows how important rotations are. Nobody wants to get caught in the middle of nowhere while the storm closes in, so it’s important to have access to mobility options like Launch Pads, cars or something else.

In Season 8, it’s looking like Epic has plans to expand mobility even further, and it’s finally going to give us a good reason to keep the wildlife around.

That’s right, a new leak has suggested that we will be getting rideable animals in the future, and we might have already seen our first look at one of them.

Get Ready to Ride

In an update by renowned Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR, he confirms that Epic has added a “Riding” submenu into the game, but it’s not bound to any buttons as of yet.

This would seemingly indicate that you will be able to start riding animals at some point in this season, and that would greatly change the way we traverse around the island.

There’s no telling for certain, but one of the monsters that got shown off in the Season 8 trailer could be our first glimpse at what’s rideable.

This is an idea that’s being floated by Shiina, but there’s no confirmation as of yet. From the looks of things, that would be a very big monster to ride, so maybe it’ll end up being something a bit smaller like boars.

Boars always made the most sense, but then you realize that those would likely only be able to hold a single person, so you’d need to tame a whole pack in order to get your whole squad some mobility. Then again, with items like the Hunter’s Cloak in Fortnite, maybe that could be the idea Epic is going for.

What’s the Timetable?

fortnite season 8

Epic Games

For right now, we don’t have a good idea of when this could be implemented outside of it just being confirmed for this season.

There have been a few things we’ve seen in the trailers that haven’t come out in Fortnite as of yet, so we will be waiting for more on that end too.

All in all, it’s looking good for Fortnite players who are looking for new things to do. Whether it’s having new guns, new rideable animals or even storyline leaks, it’s looking like the future of Season 8 is bright.

Of course, we don’t know when Epic plans on releasing any of the new content, but from leaks and information from the developers themselves, it seems like this will be an exciting season.

We do know that in October, we should be seeing the return of Fortnitemares, and that’s always an exciting time in Fortnite. Let’s hope it’ll come with even more Halloween-themed skins. There’s no reason to suspect that it won’t, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Let’s see how it long it takes for Epic to add the new stuff.

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