Fortnite Alien Glitch Lets You Fly Around Map Forever

fortnite flying glitch

Epic Games / YouTube: Fresh

If you’ve landed at Holly Hatchery during Fortnite Season 7 and thought to yourself about how much you’d like that low-gravity area to cover the whole map, then we have good news for you.

There’s a glitch that has just been discovered that will let you fly around the map like you’re in the low-grav zone, but other players won’t have the same advantage as you have. Obviously, it’s a game-breaking bug, so it’s not recommended you try it for yourself if you’re not willing to be banned.

It’s tough to say if Epic will actually ban you for it, but if you don’t want to take any chances, it’s probably better for you to watch a video than for you to do it yourself.

Here’s how it works.

New Flying Glitch

Fortnite made a HUGE mistake…Thanks to @GKI for finding this glitch! SUBSCRIBE TO FRESHFRESH: Use Code: FRESH | SUBSCRIBE! SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO IDEAS: Follow me @ Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Discord: 2nd Channel: PO BOX: Fresh PO Box 145 Surry Hills NSW 2010 Business Inquiries: business@freshofficial.com2021-09-02T13:49:53Z

In a video by Fortnite YouTuber and streamer Fresh, he showcases how to fly around the map like you popped down an Alien Nanite cube.

He doesn’t go into much detail about how to replicate it for yourself, but it looks like you’ll need to have a friend with you and they’ll need a Rift-to-Go. Unfortunately, the Wild Week is now over so you won’t be finding those on the ground anymore.

From there, you’ll need to get knocked and eliminated in an Alien low-gravity zone like Holly Hatchery. Your teammate will then collect your card and reboot you while holding the rift in their hand, at least that’s what it seems like from the video.

If everything goes according to plan, you should be rebooted and have the ability to zip around the whole map. From here, you can get a good loadout and try for a win, or you could do what Fresh did and let another team win since he didn’t want to ruin anybody’s experience.

This glitch will certainly be much harder to pull off without the rifts in the game anymore, if that is the reason this even worked in the first place.

Not Many Glitches

fortnite season 7 live event leak

Epic Games

Something Epic has done a good job of this season is remaining relatively glitch free. There have been some things in past seasons, like having infinite health with the Zero Point, that have ruined games, but that hasn’t really happened in Season 7.

If you check out the Trello board, you’ll see that not many bugs have to be fixed on any given week, which is a great thing. However, just because there haven’t been a ton of glitches doesn’t mean the season has been a grand success.

Many players argue that the updates didn’t do enough to change the game from week to week, and the map changes that did happen haven’t really done much.

Hopefully Season 8 will be give us some actual new areas to explore and learn instead of just renaming current ones and calling it a day.

The new season is nearly upon us and there will be a countdown to the end event appearing any day now. These aliens have to get off the island one way or another, so keep your eyes on the sky.

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