Fortnite Teases Long-Awaited Shadow Midas Skin Release

fortnitemares shadow midas skin

Epic Games

Last year’s Fortnite Halloween event introduced the world to Shadow Midas, a reimagining of the Chapter 2 villain.

Strangely enough, while he was the face of Fortnitemares, Shadow Midas was never released as a skin despite being a coveted style that fans would certainly have jumped at if given the chance.

Fast forward to Fortnitemares 2021, and it looks like Epic is keeping the dream alive for fans who want to grab this skin. Nothing official has been said as of yet, but there’s a big tease that reveals the skin could be hitting the Item Shop.

Throughout the month of October, Epic will be flipping over various cards that showcase the new skins that come to the.

The first slate of cards has already been revealed, so Shadow Midas won’t be coming this week, but the door is left wide open for him to still come. This isn’t just coming out of nowhere, but it instead has something to do with an unflipped card.

Shadow Midas Skin?

fortnite shadow midas tease

Epic GamesIs this a Shadow Midas tease?

If you look at the above image that promotes this season’s Fortnitemares event, you’ll see a bunch of cards that are still waiting to be revealed.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the card that appears under the “F” in Fortnitemares, and we’ll see what appears to be a clear hint at what’s coming.

The hand print has long been a symbol of Midas, so this appears to be confirmation that Shadow Midas will be released a skin during this Fortnitemares event. No, Epic did not confirm this yet, but they didn’t put that card in there by mistake.

Obviously, this timing is a bit weird because Midas isn’t in the forefront for this event, but better late than never, right?

We’ll know for certain whether or not he’s coming when the next slate of cards are revealed and we see the hand print on one of them. Until then, all we can do is speculate.

With all this said, we do know about some of the skins that are coming in the future, and we’ve already seen one of them in Frankenstein’s Monster.

Another Universal Monster Confirmed

fortnite universal monsters

Epic Games

If you’re a fan of the Frankenstein’s Monster skin, then you might be excited to see another familiar face in the Item Shop very soon.

Epic Games has already confirmed we’ll be seeing The Mummy show up in the shop later this month, and it has us wondering if we’ll be getting the rest of the Universal stablehouse.

There are two big names they could add and those are the Wolf Man and Dracula. If Fortnite is willing to collaborate and bring some spooky characters like this, when why not just round out the crew?

With collaborations being all the rage in Fortnite for the past several seasons, the possibilities for horror icons are endless. We saw Call of Duty: Warzone add Leatherface last year, but that might be a little bit much for the cartoony world of Fortnite.

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