New Theory Might Reveal Naruto’s Fortnite Skin Debut

fortnite season 8 naruto release date

Epic Games / Viz Media

For quite a while now, Fortnite fans have been waiting the seemingly inevitable release of Naruto into the game.

First revealed last season as part of a document shown during the Epic Games and Apple lawsuit, Naruto has sort of morphed into a urban legend in Fortnite.

While there has been no official announcement given for this popular anime character’s release date, fans have been dying to get their hands on him. There was even a rumor that he’d be in the Season 8 Battle Pass, but that has now come and gone with Naruto nowhere in sight.

Now, in early October, fans have their eyes on yet another date to look out for regarding Naruto’s release, and this one might have something to back it up.

If you didn’t know, and chances are pretty good that you didn’t, Naruto celebrates a birthday in October. This could mean a whole lot of nothing, but this day is approaching very soon.

Naruto’s Birthday

Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker

Bandai Namco Entertainment, Soleil

Naruto celebrates his fictional birthday on October 10, so that means there’s little under a week until that date rolls around, and we’ll be finding out if Epic has plans to add him to the shop before then.

For a date so obscure to mainstream audiences, it might not make a whole lot of sense for Fortnite to hype up a day like this, but that won’t stop fans from honing in on it.

So, the next day we have to look forward to is in just six days at the time of this writing. If this is the date Epic has planned for Naruto’s release, the wait won’t be very long now.

Typically, Epic likes to hype up the release of a crossover skin like this, but we’ve seen that it’s not always the case. The new Venom skin and Shang-Chi both released into the shop without any fanfare or teases, so maybe we could be seeing something similar with Naruto.

Is This Skin Even Real?

fortnite naruto skin

Epic Games

Despite all of the buzz surrounding Naruto, it’s important to step back and ask a few important questions.

The main one is if this skin is even real in the first place. Epic hasn’t outright come out and said there would be a Naruto crossover, but it has gotten so much publicity at this point that it seems like there’s no way it couldn’t come out.

It would certainly end up being one of the most popular skins to ever release in Fortnite if it does actually come out. Collaborations are often very popular, and mixing an extremely popular with an extremely popular game can only have good results.

With the Naruto run already being available in Fortnite, adding Naruto to use it seems like a very logical assumption. Of course, all we can do is speculate and wait for this release date to be revealed.

On the bright side, there are plenty of cool skins to get your hands on this season, and that will likely continue through the month of October thanks to the Fortnitemares event.

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