Frankenstein’s Monster Joins Fortnite, More to Come Soon

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Epic Games

It’s officially spooky season in Fortnite, and Epic Games is getting in on the action by dusting off some of the most famous monsters in the world and adding them into their hit battle royale.

On October 5, it was revealed that Frankenstein’s Monster would be the first addition, but he’d be far from the last. It was also revealed that he’d be joined by fellow Universal Monster The Mummy, but that’s just two skins out of many to fill the month.

This is considered to be the best time of the year in Fortnite by many fans, and it doesn’t look like Epic plans on disappointing anyone. With crossovers all the rage in the game, it makes sense for the developers to snag some horror icons and add them into Fortnite.

Since we’re so early into October, we can easily speculate about some more of the skins that can be added in the future, and that includes even more classic monsters.

Who’s In The Pipeline?

We already know The Mummy is a guarantee according to the Epic Games blog post, but here’s a look at who could be coming next.

We’ve know about a possible Rick Grimes skin in Fortnite for a while, and he’d be joining fellow The Walking Dead characters Daryl and Michonne.

Well, it looks like he’s already been teased and Fortnite leaker HYPEX has already gone as far as saying he’ll be part of the event for this year. It’s definitely good timing with the show getting ready to finish its run and for a skin that has been hinted at for a long time.

As for possible Universal monsters, we can pick from the iconic Wolf Man or even Dracula as potential Fortnite skins. If they are adding Frankenstein’s Monster and The Mummy, it only makes sense to round out the squad. They would definitely be big additions to the game, so we hope they are able to get them out here.

Cards Are Always Hinting

fortnitemares 2021

Epic GamesWhat’s in the cards?

If you keep on visiting this page, you’ll be able to speculate about who’s coming to the Item Shop next.

Each card features a specific design on the back that acts as a primer of what’s to come. We’ve already seen HYPEX link this sheriff’s hat to Rick Grimes, so we can likely piece some things together just by looking at the designs ahead of time.

For the first week of Fortnitemares, we have four cards in total to look at, and Frankenstein’s Monster has already been flipped over. We know that we’ll be seeing The Mummy in a future week, but there are plenty of other skins that can be used.

Epic says a new fortune card will flip over for each arrival, so there’s always going to be something coming next through the entire month of October. They also say there will be some old favorites mixed in, so if you missed out on some skins from previous years, you can still grab them this time around.

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