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11 Best Nintendo Gifts for Switch Owners and Fans

The Nintendo Switch game console has been a smash hit in the video game world and its popularity doesn’t look to slow down any time soon. The home console/handheld hybrid now boasts an impressive library of games (Animal Crossing, anyone?) with more on the way.

With so much to love about the Switch, it’s no wonder why fans are have been and continue to be so excited about it. Most all Switch fans, including myself, simply can’t stop talking about how great the device is. And with its continued prominence comes a slew of awesome merchandise and accessories that we’ve laid out of the best of below.

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What's the Best Gift for Someone Who Has a Nintendo Switch?

The Switch is undoubtedly one of Nintendo's greatest successes after the somewhat unstable (and unnaturally short lifespan) of the Wii U. The video game platform is at home at...er...home and on the road due to its plug-and-play portability.

So you a gift to give a Switch fan? Well, get ready to have fun. Because of the incredible popularity of the system, there are a very large number of amazing products that pair very well.

The first item that any Nintendo Switch owner is going to need is a larger memory card. Games take storage and the base unit only offers up 32GB. A Micro SD card will be a very thoughtful gift.

Games for the Nintendo Switch are of course very appreciated, especially (almost any!) game directly from Nintendo. Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a compilation of three older Mario games from former Nintendo systems that all make for a great cartridge.

Of course, any of the above items on our list will bring a smile to a Switch fan's face as well. Cases, chargers, controllers, and the like would all enhance the playability of the Nintendo Switch.

Is There a New Switch Coming Out This Year? 

Nintendo first released the Switch in early 2017. The company followed that first release up with two new versions in 2020 that offered better power efficiencies and a smaller form factor. These new models really didn't offer any notable improvements.

According to some online reports, a newer Switch may debut in 2021 along with a stronger game lineup that takes advantage of faster hardware. New games for 2020 were a little light and it could be that Nintendo wanted to wait until the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X was released before launching their own new upgrade.

Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4 and a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild years ago so there may be a chance those will be released this year, perhaps with enhanced graphics and play systems. Even without upgrades, the Nintendo Switch sold incredibly well in the last year.

The title Animal Crossing: New Horizons was responsible for an enormous number of purchases partly due to the pandemic. In total, more than 68 million consoles have been sold as of November 2020, making it Nintendo's most successful video game console of all time.