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50 Best Animal Crossing Gifts for Super Fans

Since its release on the GameCube in 2001, Nintendo fans have been crazy about the Animal Crossing series. The cutesy social simulation title is beloved by gamers of all types – both boy and girl. And because of that, there’s tons of Animal Crossing merchandise out there. Consisting of mugs, t-shirts, plushes, socks, clocks, and more, our Best Animal Crossing Gifts list has all the Animal Crossing merch options you’ll need for you or a fellow fan of this fantastic Nintendo franchise.

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Is Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch?

Fans of the series had to wait quite a while, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally upon us. It's the first Animal Crossing title to grace the Nintendo Switch. More than that, it's the first proper iteration in the series since 2012's Animal Crossing: New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS. And it's the first console-focused Animal Crossing title since 2008's Animal Crossing: City Folk on the Nintendo Wii. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch features a slew of upgrades over its predecessors. In it, you'll arrive on a deserted island after buying a vacation package from Tom Nook. A new crafting system has been implemented within the game. You'll have more options to customize the look of your character. And the game will support both local and online cooperative play as well

Are There Animal Crossing Amiibo?

The Animal Crossing line of amiibo figures is one of the most robust Nintendo has put out yet. Since 2014, there have been 18 different amiibo released. Figures include Blathers, Celeste, Cyrus, Digby, Isabelle (in multiple varieties), K.K. Slider, Kapp’n, Kicks, Lottie, Mabel, Reese, Resetti, Rover, Timmy & Tommy, and Tom Nook. 

On top of that, Nintendo also produced a line of Animal Crossing amiibo cards for use within the series' various games. In total, there are 400 different cards that were released across four different card series. So if you haven't started your collection yet, you better get a move on...

How Many Animal Crossing Characters Are There?

Within Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there are well over 300 different animal villagers you can interact with within the game. That's a ton! And Nintendo has licensed out its franchise to numerous companies to ensure that there's official Animal Crossing merchandise for many of them.

On this list alone, you'll find numerous plushes for the various neighbors you'll find in the game. And there are even more Animal Crossing gifts to be mined that highlight special characters such as K.K. Slider, Tom Nook, and Brewster. 

What Animal Crossing Merch is Available?

Animal Crossing serves as one of Nintendo's most iconic franchises. So it's only right that there should be plenty of Animal Crossing merchandise out there for fans to gobble up. And that's kind of the point of this Best Animal Crossing Gifts post.

So browse above and feast your eyes on some of the best Animal Crossing merch you'll find on the web. Whether you're shopping for yourself, a friend, or a family member, you're sure to find something awesome to express passion for the series.