33 Best Garden Sculptures for Every Landscape

From pretty to playful, abstract to avant garde, garden sculptures are an ideal way to express your personal style. We’ve found the best garden statues, fountains, and sculptures that can create a focal point for any landscape design. You can also use them to mark the pathway to a water feature or anchor your decor story.

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Because garden sculptures run the gamut in terms of style, let's break them down so you can more easily decide what will work best in your outdoor landscape.

Are you looking for classic garden sculptures?

When we refer to classic garden sculptures, we're most often referring to those that mimic styles found across Europe. Greek and renaissance, as well as gothic designs, would fall into this category, along with statues of beautifully sculpted angels, gods, and even gargoyles. 

Are whimsical garden sculptures right for your yard?

We think every kind of garden sculpture can work if you have the right style of home and more natural (aka. less formal) sorts of gardens and flowerbeds. 

From garden gnomes to fantasy figures like fairies and dragons, all make cool additions to the right kind of landscape. 

Can outdoor fountains be garden sculptures?

One thing we love about many of the outdoor fountains available today is they give you the visual and sound benefits of a water feature with the look of a more sculptural piece. We've included one such fountain in our list of options, but there are many that can reflect your own specific design style.

If you've already got a water feature or small pond, consider a sculptural element nearby that might enhance it, like The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle Moat three piece set.

What are the best large garden statues?

Large garden statues can be am impressive way to mark the entry to your home, either at the driveway or on either side of the front door. They're also gorgeous around your pool if you're so fortunate as to have one. 

When you choose garden statues for your home, consider how their size fits with your home. If you need some help in how to choose and place your large garden statues, this article from Garden Design includes seven excellent tips that should help.

Are you looking for unique yard ornaments?

For those of you who are looking for unique yard ornaments, it's a fun game choosing what matches your style. If you want something high end, artisan created sculptures and statues are always a great way to go. 

You might also want to look for something that comes with the artist's signature and a certificate of authenticity. These pieces may increase in value over time. If that's a goal of yours, this article from Art Talks can help in your decision making. 

If you're in the game for something purely funky and unexpected, consider garden sculptures that can be mounted on fences or trees in your yard.

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