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51 Best Chocolate Gifts for Chocolate Lovers in 2023

People who love chocolate really love chocolate. Sure they love to eat it, but they also like to drink, cook with, think about, sniff, and even wear chocolate! If you’re searching for the best gifts for chocolate lovers, there’s so much more to consider than just the tasty stuff, although they’ll love that too.

Chocolate is also one of those great affordable gift ideas for people of all genders who are nuts about chocolate. From edibles and specialty cookware to chocolate diamonds, these are the best chocolate gifts.

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Why Do We Love Chocolate So Much?

There's no question, there are lots of chocoholics out there. For some, it's an obsession and for others, an addiction. But there's some science behind out chocolate cravings. 

Turns out the chemical compounds in chocolate mixed with the unique aromas those compounds create a unique chemical signature that our brains love, at least according to this article from the BBC

Considering humans have been loving chocolate for thousands of years, there must be something that keeps us consuming it by the ton! Americans alone consume 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate every year, per these stats from The Candy Store. That's 11 pounds for every man, woman, and child - holy cow.

Is Chocolate Good For Us?

You might be feeling guilty about your personal chocolate consumption if you're just thinking of chocolate as candy. Never fear! There's tons of evidence that eating chocolate is actually good for you. What a bonus, right?

Did you know that eating chocolate might actually prevent heart disease? According to the experts at the America Cancer Society, chocolate is actually good for you because it is filled with flavanols, which lower blood pressure and make your heart, veins, and arteries work better. Now that's good news.

And according to the New Scientist, the smell of chocolate has a calming effect on the brain. No wonder a piece or two after dinner makes you so relaxed.

What Are the Most Unique Chocolate Gifts?

When it comes to chocolate, it's not just about the candy. There are so many fun chocolate-related gifts for chocolate lovers on your list, from chocolate-themed apparel to movies, books, jewelry, and even wall art. 

We've tried to include a wide variety of ideas, as well as a few that are out of the box, so to speak. So have fun shopping and perhaps treat yourself to a delicious treat or two along the way.