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25 Best Christmas Inflatable Decorations

Dress up your home with our favorite Christmas inflatable decorations, perfect for indoors or out. Don’t forget to light up your yard with environmentally friendly solar Christmas lights.

If you’re looking for more large yard decorations, check out the best life-size nativity sets of 2023.

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When Should I Buy My Christmas Inflatables?

Christmas will be here before you know it. Savvy shoppers know that the best time to buy Christmas decorations is as far ahead of the holiday as possible before prices spike and inventory becomes limited.

In this new age of internet shopping, Christmas inflatables clearance sales are less common since they can just store them until next year so don't bother looking for good sales in January.

Buy your inflatables whenever you've got them on your mind instead of waiting for a deal that might not ever happen.

How Do I Keep My Yard Inflatables From Blowing Away?

Most will come with tie-down stakes like you get with a tent for camping. You want to attach these on all the sides where a tie-down is available so that the tension is equal across the entire inflatable holding it in place. 

On the off chance that your piece didn't come with stakes, you can buy replacement sets of stakes and cord

If staking doesn't work for your situation, a couple of good heavy sandbags or bags of gravel rocks will do the trick. You can get these cheap at any big home improvement store.

What If My Blower Stops Working? Is The Fan Replaceable? 

It is! You can buy replacement blower fans and even blower fans with built-in lights and a base platform for just a few bucks more.