47 Best Gifts for Woodworkers: The Ultimate List

If you’re stumped over what to get the woodworker in your life, don’t panic. We’ve pulled together the best gifts for woodworkers, even the one who seems to have everything. For more general ideas check out the best gifts for aunts and uncles.

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Why woodworking gift ideas?

Woodworkers are practical, salt of the earth people. They're following in a tradition that spans back to 2,000 B.C.E. That can sometimes make them hard to buy for but luckily, there are always woodworking tools and gadgets that they wish they had. This opens up a wide range of gift options to help them expand their hobby.

Gifts for beginner woodworkers.

If someone has only recently started getting into woodworking, you've got plenty of options because they haven't yet built up their workshop. 

If you aren't sure of what they have, there are great woodworking project kits that come with everything they'll need to complete a project.

Safety gear is also a good bet because they might be excited about getting neat new toys and neglecting that the dust from woodworking can be a health hazard according to OSHA.

Funny gifts for woodworkers.

You can find plenty of shirts and coffee mugs making fun of their measuring skills, sawdust, and other central parts of working with wood. I've included a few, but it can get repetitive so I've stuck mainly to practical gifts.

What about gifts for woodworkers who have everything? 

Just like when shopping for gifts for women who have everything, try ot remember thaty probably don't have everything. It just seems like it.

If you're shopping for a seasoned woodworker with a large, fully stocked workshop, go for hardware kits which come with all the metal bits you need to create your own wooden pens, an exotic wood sampler to give them something new and interesting to work with, or a dream gift.

What are woodworker's dream gifts?

If you've got the budget, items like a high-end dust capture system, band saw, or woodturning lathe would make their holiday.

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