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33 Best Hedgehog Gifts: Your Ultimate List

We’ve gathered together the best hedgehog gifts that any hedgie-lover will adore. And how could you not love an animal that rolls up into a little spiky ball and has the cutest feet known to man?

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What Are Hedgehogs?

Are they rodents? Are they marsupials? Are they mini porcupines? 

No, actually none of these. Looking at their classification rundown on LifeScience, hedgehogs are mammals, specifically grouped with other insectivore mammals. 

And while they might look like tiny porcupines and have quills like tiny porcupines, their closest living relatives, according to the San Diego Zoo, actually include moles and shrews. 

Will These Ship In Time? Do Hedgehog Gifts Amazon Style.

All of these gifts are available on Amazon so you can take advantage of their ultra-fast Prime shipping time to make sure your gifts arrive when you need them.

Should I Get Their Hedgey Christmas Presents?

I can't speak for all pet parents but I love it when my little fur baby gets gifts.

If you're not sure what to get someone who has a hedgehog, they'll love getting special toys to spoil their little pincushion of cuteness.