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31 Best Turtle Gifts: The Ultimate List

Turtles symbolize good health and long life–and they’re downright adorable. No wonder people are fascinated by these amazing creatures. Why not give someone on your gift list a special turtle talisman? From jewelry to home decor, these are the best turtle gifts for every occasion.

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What Are Some Unique Gifts for Turtle Lovers?

If turtle hoodies and jewelry are too boring for you, go really outside the box with some turtle-themed items they won't expect like a Sea Turtle Nutcracker or a pewter sea turtle toilet flush handle.

Should I Get Them a Turtle?

Probably not. While great pets, they aren't good surprise pets. They require a lot of specialized care, specialized food, and aren't in general great cuddlers. Plus they live for a very long time. USA Today reported that as of January 2022, the oldest living turtle was a tortoise named Jonathan who was 190 years old. 

What About Turtle Gifts for Him?

Looking for something a little more masculine? Consider a turtle neck tie or turtle socks.

 Why Do People Love Turtles So Much?

Turtles have been around for a very long time, so they are just baked into our human and pre-human existence. According to the Natural History Museum, turtles have origins back 230 million years ago during the Triassic period. That's pre-Jurassic. 

There's just something about them. Atlas Obscura details that there are cultures across the globe that have creation myths with turtles carrying the entire world on their backs including China and North American Indigenous cultures. In fact, in some communities, North America is still called "Turtle Island."