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51 Best Luxury Gifts Under $50

Regardless of if you are middle-class fancy or just normal fancy, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to afford luxurious gifts. In fact, we found over fifty luxury gifts under $50 that I guarantee will lead to more extravagant living. Don’t think of them as cheap. Think of them as affordable.

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What Are Some Cheap Luxury Gifts for Her?

According to this article from Business Insider, there is a sizeable list of items that cost more for someone with feminine sensibilities. But fret not, for even if she has fancy tastes, you still have plenty of luxury gift options to consider in the $50 price range. In fact, you could approach this gift-giving from several different perspectives.

If she's the type who swoons for designer gifts, then you could consider some affordable gifts from luxury brands. For example, opt for the Michael Kors Jet Set Coin Pouch when you can't quite afford a full handbag. Or perhaps

Alternatively, if your goal is a gift that comforts and pampers, then you can put a whole new spin on the concept of luxury gifts under $50.

What Are Some Cheap Luxury Gifts for Him?

As a guy myself, I know that men's tastes can get pretty expensive. High-end tech gadgets can cost a fortune so consider extravagant tech accessories instead.

Are Luxury Gifts Worth It?

If you're even remotely as frugal as I am, then your gut reaction to this question will probably be a big fat no. However, there is then just price value to consider when evaluating the worth of luxury gifts in our lives.

According to this analysis by Jumpstart Mag, "Luxury items have symbolic value and are viewed as the reward of hard work and success, even if the item has little to no practical utility." So naturally, buying a luxury item for yourself or someone you care about can bring about feelings of satisfaction or exclusivity that boost our mood. More simply put, their value is in how expensive they make us feel.

If you derive more pleasure from spending your money efficiently, then luxury goods may not be for you. And that's okay. But if you are shopping for someone who does value that feeling of having status, then find them a gift that creates that feeling. But don't spend a fortune on it, of course.