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25 Best Sympathy Gift Ideas to Show Your Condolences

The death of a friend or loved one is a traumatic event for everyone. Whether you’re shopping for gifts for a friend or a close family member who is bereaved, our list will provide you with appropriate, thoughtful, and meaningful sympathy gift ideas that let them know you’re thinking of them during this incredibly difficult time.

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What Are the Best Condolence Gifts?

A thoughtful condolence gift is a great way to share your deepest sympathies with those who are grieving. Our sympathy gift ideas are ideal for friends and family during troubled times. Flowers and cards are nice, but sometimes the loss of a loved one requires something more significant. A physical gift can help prove how much you care, and offer an outlet for grief.

When Should You Send a Sympathy Gift?

Sympathy gifts can be sent as soon as you hear news of someone's passing, or sent after the funeral. According to this Reddit thread, many bereaved people feel especially vulnerable around six weeks after the funeral, when most offers of support have stopped coming in. That's why you might want to send a card or flowers first and then consider sending your sympathy gift around the six-week mark.

Is It Appropriate to Bring a Gift to the Funeral?

Well, honestly, it depends on who you ask. According to the funeral experts at TheGardens.com, it's really up to the family, since the bereaved may not be set up to accept or transport gifts.

Sending flowers to the service is always acceptable as is sending a flower spray to the graveside service.