5 Delicious Detox Drink Recipes

Detox Juice Drinks Recipes

Juice cleanses and diet detoxes are everywhere right now, and the shameless marketers promise everything from instant weight loss and fat that “melts away” to a “cleaner” bloodstream.

But the truth is, our bodies are miraculous organisms that cleanse our bodies of all the chemicals, sugar, and fast food that we throw into it. Our livers, lungs, digestive systems, and kidneys are always working hard to get rid of toxins.

So is there any point to detox?

Some doctors and natural practitioners says yes. Although there are many myths out there about detoxing, you can still give your body’s natural processes a boost in many ways, whether you eliminate sugar, go on a short fast, or eat clean after a particularly unhealthy or stressful period in your life.

People who detox the natural way instead of buying into an expensive juice fast or “cleansing” program do report that they feel and look better and have more energy.

Here are five delicious recipes to get you started.

1. Your Simplest Detox Drink

Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice +  Cucumber Slices + Water

cucumber lemon detox juice

Let this pretty spa water sit for awhile so the flavors combine and the water becomes infused with the refreshing taste of cucumber. The lemon juice helps with mineral absorption and has potassium and vitamin C. Cucumbers add natural flavor and have skin-boosting properties and vitamins.

2. Watermelon and Mint Water

Watermelon Chunks + Mint + Water

watermelon detox juice with mint

Watermelon adds vitamins, flavor, and essential nutrients, and mint has shown in studies to improve digestion.

3. Green and Orange Detox Juice

Carrot + Kale+ Lemon + Orange + Ginger

Green and Orange Detox Juice

Deliciously Ella’s recipe for carrot, orange, kale, lemon, and ginger juice tastes and looks good.

4. Cranberry Spritzer

Cranberry Juice + Seltzer + Mint

cranberry detox recipe

Even The Mayo Clinic acknowledges the antibacterial properties of cranberry and the role it can have in improving digestion.

5. Green Detox Drink

Pureed Cucumbers + Pureed Pears + Water

cucumber and pear detox drink

Don’t be scared by the name, as green drinks are delicious. Put twice the amount of pear than cucumber in the water; pears have an amazing amount of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.

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