GM Diet: Lose Weight in 7 Days

The GM Diet is officially known as the General Motors Diet, but it turns out that auto company has no knowledge of the diet named after them.

When a New York Times journalist did some research, it seems that there is no real connection between the General Motors company and the diet:

So I called Tom Wilkinson, a G.M spokesman. He confessed he’d never heard of the diet, but was kind enough to do some research, going through all the board meetings from the 1980s. “We’ve concluded it’s an urban myth,” he told me. “It’s a fairly unconventional diet, and in the 1980s G.M. was the most conventional of companies.”

The 7-Day GM diet is definitely unconventional and restrictive. It’s a vegetarian fruit and vegetable detox cleanse for the first few days. After that, you incorporate some other oils, milk, and rice into your diet for the rest of the week. There are also some versions that do incorporate lean meat.

Because it’s so low-calorie, many doctors and nutritionists recommend against it. However, since it is short term, it is similar to doing a juice fast or a detox cleanse for 3-7 days. Some people who have tried this diet have reported losing 4-7 pounds in one week.

The GM Diet Plan:

Day 1:
All fruits except for bananas
Recommended: watermelon and canteloupe
Drink: 8-12 glasses of water

Day 2:
Any vegetables
One potato with the skin on
Drink: 8-12 glasses of water

Day 3:
Any fruits except bananas
Any vegetables
Drink: 8-12 glasses of water

Day 4:
8-10 bananas
Drink: 3 glasses of milk
Drink: 8-12 glasses of water

Day 5:
Tomato soup or 6 large tomatoes
One cup of rice
Drink: 12-15 glasses of water

Day 6:
One cup of rice
Any vegetables
Drink: 8-12 glasses of water

Day 7:
One cup of rice
Any vegetables
All fruit juices


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