Top 5 Best Natural Weight Loss Spices

Cinnamon for Weight Loss
There are bucketloads of weight loss and diet supplements out there, but some of the most effective weight loss foods are already hanging out in your kitchen. These five spices help to boost metabolism, keep you full, and improve your digestion.

5 Best Spices for Weight Loss:

1. Cinnamon

This delicious spice helps to regulate blood sugar and helps your body process carbohydrates. Add some to any of these healthy banana bread recipes.

2. Cayenne Pepper

Chili peppers boost your metabolism and help you burn fat. Any one of these delicious Sriracha recipes will fit the bill.

3. Ginger

Ginger acts as a diuretic and hinders cholesterol absorption. Try this green apple smoothie recipe which has a touch of ginger.

4. Black Pepper

This everyday spice aids digestion and nutrient absorption and boosts metabolism. Sprinkle some fresh black pepper over your kale and quinoa salads.

5. Mustard Seed

These little seeds boosts your metabolism. Add some mustard to your chicken or meat dishes for some added healthy flavor.