How to Lose Weight, According to Science

What does science have to say about weight loss? In this quick and helpful AsapScience video, they break down some of their most essential weight loss tips.

Science-Backed Weight Loss Tips

1. Exercise

Working out burns calories, as we all know, but your body continues to burn fat while you sleep. During exercise, your body uses up carbs and begins to break down fat stores.

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Eating breakfast can give your metabolism a boost and helps to keep your blood sugar and hormone levels regular.

3. Add More Protein and Low-Fat Dairy to Your Diet

Protein suppresses hunger signals in your brain. Low-fat dairy contains calcium, which binds to fat and makes it hard for your body to absorb.

4. Drink Water and Soup

Drinking water with your meal with make you feel fuller quickly. The same goes for soup with meals, it makes you feel full quicker and longer.

5. Count Calories

If you use a food journal, you’ll be more aware of what you eat. Knowing how many calories are in food and drinks have shown to have a positive weight loss effect.

6. Reduce Your Plate Size

Studies show that reducing plate size can reduce the amount you eat by 22%.

7. Sleep More and Stress Less

Both sleep deprivation and higher stress levels increase appetite. Sleep more and manage stress to control unhealthy cravings.

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