Kettlebell Workouts: 17 Killer Exercises for Fat Loss

Try one of these fat-killing kettlebell exercises for metabolic conditioning. Trainer Josh, a nutritionist and trainer specializing in athletic fat loss, shows us these killer moves. You can do these at home and add them to your workouts for some strength training to boost conditioning and weight loss. Please always watch your form when you’re using weights!

Top 17 Kettlebell Exercises

  • One Arm Snatch to Press
  • Alternating Snatches
  • Double Arm Snatches to Press
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Figure 8’s
  • Goblet Squat Presses
  • Double Arm Rows to Squat Presses
  • High Pulls
  • Alternating Suitcase Deadlifts
  • Alternating Chest Presses
  • Russian Twists
  • Clean Squat Presses
  • Overhead Lunges
  • Alternating Overhead Presses
  • High Snatches
  • Turkish Getup
  • Gladiator Press