Aroma360 Mini360 SL Review: Whole Home Signature Scent Solution

aroma360 mini360 review

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an obsession with ensuring that my home smells good. I have two corgis and two children – one of which is a thirteen-year-old boy (and we all know how they can smell after their sports practice, right?).

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In fact, one might say that I’ve amassed quite a collection of scent-diffusing/scent-covering products for my house. And, before finding out about the new Aroma360 Mini360 SL, I have tried just about every home scent solution under the sun. But since owning Aroma360’s newest home signature scent device, I’ve given away all of my scent diffusers, sprays, and oils because this thing REALLY works.

If you were to walk into my house a couple of months ago, you would’ve found numerous Airwick Automatic Sprays (four, to be exact), numerous candles in the living room (partly used to fill my home with clean scents when someone is coming over, partly used for decor), a cinnamon broom in my entryway closet, and many different Glade oil pluggable diffusers scattered around my house.

For visual purposes, my house is a 2400 square foot split-level home with the bedrooms all upstairs, the living room, kitchen, and dining room on the middle level, and then the office and laundry room on the bottom level. Not to be braggadocious, but it’s safe to say I have a pretty large home.

I was, admittedly, a bit skeptical of such a product that claims to infuse your entire home with its own signature scent. But after five minutes of plugging the Mini360 SL into an outlet, almost my entire home smelled like a high-end hotel. Despite claiming that the Mini360 SL was only “good” for up to 400 square feet, the scent was initially too strong, but then I turned it down to its lowest setting (20%, where it diffuses the scent for 40s and then pause for 160s), and my house smelled just as I’d hope; not too strong nor too weak.

How Long Does One Bottle of Scent Last?

I first received my Mini360 SL on February 11th, and as I am writing this review on March 6th there is still just under half of a bottle of scented oil left. The Mini360 SL uses 120mL bottles, and there is about 60mL left in the bottle.

Of course, how long the bottles of scent will last depends on what settings you have your Mini360 on. For me personally, I have had it on the 20% setting since it arrived, and as I stated above, there’s still half of the original bottle left.

What Scents Are Available?

It’s worth noting that the Aroma360’s scents are wholly unique to anything you’d find on the shelf at a Wal-Mart or Target, and they’re much more complex. These truly feel like high-end scents, each uniquely formulated to make your house smell like home (cheesy, I know, sorry!). I have had the 24K Magic scent in the unit since it arrived, and it has an especially complex aroma that contains bergamot, lemongrass, lemon, koa wood, jasmine, lily, magnolia, and a bit of musk. My home literally smells like a luxury hotel lobby.

Other scents available include Mystify (scents of lemon, melon, jasmine, raspberry, and oakmoss), Dream On (scents of white tea, ginger, cedarwood, vanilla, aloe, and sandalwood), California Love (green tea, orange, jasmine, lemongrass, amber, and musk), and many more. Out of the four different scents I personally tested, all of them were unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before.

mini360 sl


As far as the physical look of the Mini360 SL, it sports a sleek tubular design akin to one of those stainless steel water bottles that are so popular. It’s lightweight, so it can easily sit on a wall shelf or bookshelf.

Its modern look will certainly pique the curiosity of your guests, as just about everyone who visited inquired about what exactly the device was for; it looks like something fresh off of the CES 2022 floor.

It surprisingly only has two color options available – black or silver – although I’d like to see more colors offered in the future (I suggest they go the route of something like Caraway pans and offer popular pastel colors that might better fit homes that don’t go for the modern aesthetic).

Final Thoughts

The Aroma360 Mini360 SL really changed the way I think about making my home smell good. Instead of worrying about how each room of my house smells on its own, I can now just concern myself with one thing and be done with it (that thing being my Mini360). The Mini360 simply works, and it works quite well. If you’re willing to look past its relatively hefty price tag, the Aroma360 Mini360 is a great option for giving your home something your guests will never forget: an incredible-smelling signature scent.

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