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21 Best Reading Chairs for Comfort & Style

If you’re a passionate reader, you’re probably reading a book or your devices wherever you go. But when you’re ready to flop down and enjoy the latest best-seller at home, you want a comfortable reading chair that’s also stylish, supportive, and gives you plenty of options to curl up and relax.

Whether you’re looking for a leather recliner, overstuffed accent chair, or one that comes with a matching ottoman, we’ve found the very best reading chairs. Create your new favorite reading spot using one of the chairs below:

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What Makes A Good Reading Chair?

In our estimation, comfort always comes first when it comes to selecting a really great reading chair, but you'll also want to consider which room of the house this chair will go, and just who exactly will be using it.

If you're planning on putting your new chair in the bedroom, you can splurge on velvet or leather fabrics, because it won't get the kind of wear it might in higher traffic areas. 

If you're putting it in the living or family room, you might be expecting to read books to your kids, so you'll likely want upholstery that's spill-resistant and easy to spot clean. 

Why Should You Consider Back and Seat Support?

Since reading chairs are all about comfort, you'll want to look for one with supportive cushions, and those with innersprings will over the most support of all, much like an innerspring mattress does while you sleep.

At a minimum, you'll want real foam cushions that have the ability to spring back into shape once you're out of the chair. Nothing looks more shabby than one with a smashed down seating area.

What Are the Best Reading Chairs for Kids?

If there's one thing we don't question, it's the importance if getting kids to love reading. There are so many benefits of being a good reader, according to experts, that you might encourage your little ones to read more by creating a special space for them.

Reading chairs for kids are sized right, meaning they're smaller than grown-up furniture while still featuring a grown-u feel. We've featured both a chair and ottoman set as well as a book nook, both of which are great for kids in kindergarten and grade school.

If you're shopping for a teen, Papasan chairs and hammock chairs are a couple of choices that are more age-appropriate and deliver comfort plus a funkier vibe. 

Do Reading Chairs Make Good Gifts?

If you're shopping for a reading chair as a gift, it definitely helps to think about your gift recipient's body size, space restrictions, and physical limitations. 

We've included specific options for all of those considerations and you'll see them noted in our reviews.