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9 Best Christmas Tree Scents for Fake Trees

Confession: I’ve lived two houses down from an actual Christmas tree farm, but still had a fake pencil Christmas tree at home. By using the best Christmas tree scents to give it that fresh pine smell, I didn’t miss a thing.

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Want the Best Smelling Christmas Tree?

The smell of a thing is everything. Studies have shown time and again that scents can affect our moods. So looking at a Christmas tree can trigger fond memories, smelling a Christmas tree can deepen that connection.

I've had real trees and they're beautiful, unique, and smell fantastic. And yes artificial trees don't have that nostalgic pine scent, but you know what else they don't have? Bugs living in them. I'm 100 percent plastic these days and don't miss a thing.

So if the pine smell is the only thing you're missing--we can fix that with a variety of products these days. I've included some pine sprays because they're so common and easy to use but I've tried them and they don't tend to last very long. 

Before you go spraying or hanging or lighting candles right before your big holiday gathering, be sure to check in with your guest for fragrance sensitivities as some scents can trigger eye irritation, headaches, or breathing issues--none of which make for a jolly time.

Does Your Tree Have That Musty Basement Smell?

If you're looking for scents to cover up a less-than-jolly smell your tree picked up while in storage, consider buying a Christmas tree storage bag for next year. It can help prevent odors as well as the accumulation of allergy-causing dust, mold spores, and pest intrusion.