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13 Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags

Christmas tree storage bag

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The holidays are nearly here and having a stunning Christmas tree is such a wonderful experience–right up until you have to take it down and store it for the rest of the year. Enter Christmas tree storage bags. They make storing and transporting your full-size or pencil Christmas tree easier than ever.

What Are the Best Christmas Tree Storage Bags?

Red duffle back with Chrismas tree inside Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Variety of sizes
  • With or without wheels
  • Built to last
Price: $49.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Green upright tree cover Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable upright storage
  • Sizes to choose from
  • Cinching belts
Price: $20.56 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Red standing up Christmas tree storage on wheels Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Can fit up to 12-foot tree
  • Compression straps
  • Wheels for easy moving
Price: $169.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Red christmas tree storage with large wheels Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Large wheels
  • Trusted brand
  • Fits trees six to nine feet
Price: $54.97 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Green snowflake pattern Christmas tree bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Cinching straps
  • Cute pattern
  • For trees nine to 11 feet tall
Price: $62.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Couple storing their Christmas tree in a red bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Upright storage
  • Hides underneath your tree skirt
  • Convenient
Price: $59.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Red rolling christmas tree bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • On wheels
  • Up to nine-foot trees
  • Choice of colors
Price: $44.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Green extra large tree storage bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Up to 12-foot trees
  • Cinching straps
  • On wheels
Price: $33.04 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Woman next to huge Christmas tree bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Can fit up to 12-foot trees
  • Heavy canvas lined with PVC
  • Affordable
Price: $48.96 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Red and green christmas tree bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Uniquely attractive
  • Fits up to 9-foot trees
  • Affordable
Price: $37.00 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
red christmas tree bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Five-year warranty
  • Breathable
Price: $29.65 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
green christmas tree bag Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Thick, lined polyester material
  • Large enough for nine-foot tree
  • Affordable
Price: $29.95 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Red plasticy bag with Christmas tree Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Affordable
  • Fits up to nine-foot tree
  • Carry and drag handles
Price: $13.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Covermates Storage Duffle (Sizes for 3 to 11-Foot Trees)

    • Available with or without wheels
    • Sizes to fit three to 11-foot trees
    • Viewing window
    • Pocket storage inside
    • Runs a little bit small
    • Side handles or ends but not both
    • Not all bags include cinch belts

    This Covermates Storage Bag is my top pick of top quality for the price. The attractive design and a three-year warranty don’t hurt either. 

    The bag is built with ruggedly thick and moisture-resistant polyester so it will last you through more than just one year of use and there’s a warranty to guarantee that. 

    This duffle style has a wide scooping, double zipper to make placing your tree easier. To make sure you can find your tree among the rest of your storage, there’s an ID tag slot and a large see-through viewing window so you can see exactly what’s inside. 

    Two paddled handles on either side make moving the tree simple. This bag is designed to be carried by one person. If you know your tree is a two-person job, they have a bag with handles on the ends for easier team-carrying as well as bags on wheels. These bags also come with cinch straps (sold separately from the duffle) to compress your tree for storage.

    To make things just a little more convenient there is a zippered storage pouch inside the bag for any small bits that might go with the tree, like power cords, and two D-rings on either end to attach a shoulder strap.

    This duffle design comes in a range of sizes including sized for three-foot trees, five-foot trees, 7.5-foot trees, and nine to 11-foot trees.

    They come in the featured red as well as green and black.

  2. 2. Tiny Tim Totes Upright Canvas Cover (6 to 9-Foot Trees)

    • Affordable
    • Sizes to choose from
    • Built-in cinching belts
    • One year warranty
    • Drawstring doesn't completely close
    • No choice of colors
    • Material isn't as durable

    For upright Christmas tree storage on a budget, check out Tiny Tim Totes

    Their canvas cover is a simple design that works–and you don’t have to have installed it back when you set your tree up, so you can buy it later in the season without hassle.

    The large bag unzips nearly all the way to slip over the top of your assembled tree, zips down to the bottom, and then pulls closed with a drawstring at the base. That’s it; simple right? 

    For those with fuller trees or those who want to compress their tree for storage, there are three built-in cinching belts you can tighten to reduce the size of your tree. 

    The drawstring is fairly secure and much less likely to let in dust than models that have closures on the top of the tree, but it’s not as sealed tight as a horizontal bag.

    It comes in several sizes including six-foot trees (featured above), 7.5-foot trees, and nine-foot trees.

  3. 3. Santa’s Bags XXL Rolling Duffle (Up to 12 Feet)

    • On wheels for easy transport
    • Upright storage takes up less space
    • Can fit up to a 12-foot tree
    • Inner compression straps
    • Too big for many trees
    • Too pricey for some
    • No color choices

    This durable Santa’s Bag can be stored vertically or horizontally and will last for years to come.

    This bag can fit up to a 12-foot tree but it’s expandable so it also works for smaller trees but it’s probably overkill for anything under seven feet. The expansion zips closed for smaller trees too prevent too much extra hanging around.

    This duffle-style back has a dolly attached to it so when upright you can roll it like a suitcase or store it horizontal depending on your storage situation.

    There are buckling compression straps on the inside of the bag to keep your tree secure and compact.

  4. 4. 612 Vermont Rolling Christmas Tree Storage (Up to 9 Feet)

    • Designed to not drag
    • Large wheels for rolling
    • Compression straps
    • No size options
    • Not waterproof
    • No viewing window

    If you’ve had issues with storage bags that drag on the floor even with wheels, check out 612 Vermont’s No-Drag Storage Bag. It’s constructed with heavy-duty polyester fabric that is tapered by the extra-tall wheel axel. The elevated wheel creates better clearance so the bottom and end of the bag don’t drag on the ground. This reduces resistance making it easier to roll and protects the fabric from friction damage.

    In addition to this lifted design feature, the bag has internal compression straps to keep your compact for storage, cushioned handles, and a label window.

  5. 5. Covermates Cinching Bag (9 to 11-Foot Trees)

    • For trees nine to 11 feet tall
    • Cute snowflake pattern
    • Cinching straps compress the tree
    • Zippered pocket
    • Too big for some
    • No see-through window
    • No wheels

    A bag like this Covermates Keepsakes Cinching Bag is perfect for bushy trees that are had to get under control.

    The bag has two built-in cinching straps on the outside of it that you can pull tight once you get the tree inside the bag which will compress the branches even more and get your tree down to a more compact size. 

    It’s sized for trees from nine feet tall to 11 feet tall and had an ID tag window and an inner zippered pocket for storing small related items with your tree.

    It’s also available with wheels.

  6. 6. Santa’s Bags Upright Storage Bag (Up to 9-Foot Trees)

    • Hides underneath your tree skirt
    • Upright storage
    • Zippered pocket
    • Compression straps
    • Label slot
    • Not for horizontal storage
    • Trickier to use if your tree is already up
    • Drawsting isn't competely dust-proof

    If you hate finding storage for your storage, this Upright Christmas Tree Bag sits underneath your tree, hidden by the tree skirt, and when Christmas is over it’s already in position to just lift up and cover the tree without needing to disassemble it. 

    When you’re setting up your tree, you fit this bag between the stand and the center pole. To keep it from being too bulky, the bag comes with its own attached smaller tan bag that compresses the larger section into a disk that can easily be covered by a tree skirt. It’s quite convenient to have the storage bag in place all season so you don’t have to go looking for it come late December.

    The top half of the bag zippers open to get it around the wider sections of the tree before zipping closed.  A drawstring and compression belts do the rest to secure your tree.

    It’s built for trees up to nine feet tall and trees taller than seven feet may need to have their top sections stored near the base to fit.

  7. 7. ProPik Wheeled Christmas Tree Bag (Up to 9-Foot Trees)

    • Up to nine-foot trees
    • Choice of colors
    • Soft-body bag folds up for easy storage
    • Straps on sides and top
    • Too small for large trees
    • Not for upright storage
    • Wheels don't turn well

    If you’re looking for a solid bag on wheels, check out the ProPik Wheeled Tree Storage Bag. It’s a large bag for trees up to nine feet tall with three plastic wheels on one end making it great for moving heavy trees across the house with less effort. 

    There’s a reinforced handle on the top of the bag for lifting and pulling the rolling storage bag as well as two straps on the side for lifting the bag like a duffle. 

    The polyester fabric doesn’t feel high-end but it’s durable and will last you a few years at least. There’s an ID label window for marking which is in the bag.

    It comes in red, green, or (uniquely) black.

  8. 8. Elf Stor Rolling Tree Duffle (Up to 12-Foot Trees)

    • On wheels
    • Fits up to 12-foot trees
    • Viewing window and ID label
    • Internal cinching straps
    • Too big for many
    • Wheels don't turn well
    • Not as cheap as others

    This Elf Stor Rolling Christmas Tree Duffle Bag has an internal zippered pocket for the tree stand as well. To help compress your large trees, there are three cinching belts on the inside of the bag that go around your tree and can tighten as needed.

    Three textured plastic wheels on one end make it easy to move by yourself and there are handles on each end for a two-person move as well as in the center for carrying the bag instead of rolling. 

    On the top is a large see-through viewing window so you can see what is inside the bag and a small ID slot allows you to easily label each bag.

    It comes in your choice of red or green and in a range of sizes for trees up to nine feet (featured above) or 12 feet.

  9. 9. Extra-Large Christmas Tree Duffle (Up to 12-Foot Trees)

    • Big enough for 12-foot trees
    • Affordable
    • Choice of colors
    • Folds flat for storage
    • Way too big for some
    • Isn't has rigid as it looks photos
    • No wheels

    For those with huge trees, this Extra-Large Tree Duffle can handle it. The rounded bag meant to hold disassembled trees up to 12 feet tall is five feet long with a diameter of 2.5 feet. This photo gives a good idea of scale.

    The round design means you can use every inch of that space because your tree is round and fits naturally up against the edges of the bag, unlike rectangular bags. That’s a ton of storage space for a surprisingly affordable price.

    It’s made of heavy-duty canvas material with a PVC coating to create a water-resistant barrier and protect against tears. 

    It zippers down the top like a standard duffle bag. While the zipper is only a simple straight line, this bag is large enough that it doesn’t need to have any fancy curved zippers to fit your tree sections. There are two handles on either side but no drag handles on the ends. 

    You can get pick this big boy up in dark green (featured above) or red.

  10. 10. Christmas Tree Zippered Case (Up to 9 Feet)

    • Sizes to choose from
    • Bag folds down for easy storage during holidays
    • Water and dust-proof fabric
    • Bag is not as rigid as it looks in photos
    • No wheels
    • Straps may not be long enough for shoulders

    If plain, boring bags just don’t meet your standard for holiday cheer, this Christmas Tree Zippered Case may be exactly what you need. The fabric case is a bright Christmas green with a red accent and is printed with green ribbons, gold confetti, and white and gold snowflakes. The larger gold snowflakes even have a drop shadow, a design technique that makes a flat image appear 3D.

    I know it looks like it would be the size of a suitcase from the image, but this thing can fit up to a nine-foot Christmas tree. It’s big. They also have a smaller option in the same design that can fit up to a 7.5-foot tree. 

    It’s made with dust and water-resistant fabric that is thin but strong. This allows you to easily fold up the empty bag so it’s nice and compact for storage during December. 

    I will say that this is leaning in the style-over-substance direction because it doesn’t have wheels and the straps look a little small for the size of the bag. If you’ve got a strong, able-bodied person in the house, you’ll be fine, but I wouldn’t pick this one for your grandmother.

  11. 11. Breathable Holiday Storage Duffle (Up to 9-Foot Trees)

    • Affordable
    • Five-year warranty
    • Fits up to nine-foot trees
    • Breathable
    • No sizes to choose from
    • No wheels
    • Not for upright storage

    This Breathable Holiday Storage Bag is made of super-thick Oxford canvas fabric for a material that is breathable and water-resistant. This is great for those who want to avoid dust but don’t like the idea of sealing up their tree to sit in stale air for a year.

    The duffle-style bag has a rounder shape than many of the others on the list and this helps to save some space. The tree is round so it was never going to fill up the corners of rectangular bags anyway. 

    The bag has two reinforced handles on either side of the bag and one drag handle on the end. It comes with a five-year warranty but at this price, I doubt it will make it through five years and the price means it likely isn’t worth the hassle of trying to go through their warranty system. At this price point, it’s affordable to simply replace it when it tears after a few years.

    It comes in red and green and sizes for 7.5 or nine-foot trees. 

  12. 12. Primode Holiday Tree Storage Bag (Up to 9 Feet)

    • Affordable
    • Handles are on the sides and end
    • Can hold up to a nine-foot tree
    • Zippered pocket
    • No wheels
    • Handles aren't padded
    • Looks a little cheap

    If you’re looking for horizontal storage on a budget, Primode Christmas Tree Bags may the brand for you.

    The bag is large enough to hold a disassembled nine-foot Christmas tree but folds flat like a tarp you might buy at the hardware store. In fact, the inside lining that reinforces the durability of the bag feels very similar to tarp material.

    It zips down the top like a standard duffle bag and has two handles on either side for carrying as well as a drag handle on one end. (At this price, I wouldn’t count on this one handling more than a couple of years of dragging so carrying is generally the best way to increase the life of the bag.)

    It has a small zippered pouch for storing smaller items on the outside of the bag and a slot for a label. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but it gets the job done cheaply.

  13. 13. Whitmore Christmas Tree Bag (Up to 9 Feet)

    • Cheap
    • Fits up to a nine-foot tree
    • Easy-zipper closure
    • Carry and drag handles
    • Not on wheels
    • Won't last
    • No compressions straps

    If you need something cheap and fast for right now, this Whitmor Storage Bag is for you.

    It’s affordable and gets the job done and is great for a temporary fix. No bells and whistles here–just a giant bag big enough to fit a broken down nine-foot Christmas tree.

    Being cheaper, you’ll probably need to replacement with something higher quality later but it will work in the short term.

The Days of Storing Your Christmas Tree in Trash Bags? No, Thank You.

When I was little, putting away our artificial tree for the year meant storing branches with their sharp metal ends in large black garbage bags which would ultimately get shredded. These tetanus-hazard bags would go up in our attic to sit until next November.

I didn't think anything of it but we now realize that unsealed tree bags like that allow a whole world of dust, mold spores, insects, and particles from attic and garage pests like mice or even bats to accumulate in your tree. And then you bring them right into your living space.

Not to mention, it shed needles everywhere. God forbid it is a shiny aluminum Christmas tree because those silver tinsel needles are impossible to find and only seem to catch the light when guests are over.

Thankfully, there are tons of better, but affordable, options now.

Is Artificial Christmas Tree Dust a Big Deal? 

Allergic reactions to having a real tree in the home are fairly common and are related to both pollen, dust, and mold. Sticking to artificial trees will help but only if you're being mindful about how you're storing your fake tree.

Wexner Medical Center warns that an artificial tree that is all dusty and covered in mold spores from sitting in the basement or attic in a cardboard box is just as likely to set off allergies as a real tree. It can even trigger even asthma according to a prominent Asthma Center.

So What Can You do?

Best case scenario, you keep your tree in a sealed Christmas tree bag someplace climate-controlled like in a closet or under a bed--but many of us don't have the space for that. I know I don't. My tree goes in the attic which can get a little humid. That's why it's so important to have a bag that will thoroughly protect the tree from gathering particles. 

To ensure a dust-free tree next year, you'll want to make sure you're not putting a dusty tree into the bag in January. Using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum, give each branch a quick pass to remove this year's dust before putting it into storage.

Upright Christmas Tree Storage or Flat?

Upright storage is the way to go if you want to store your Christmas tree without disassembling it and keep it fully or partially decorated. It creates the least amount of jostling that could cause damage to branches or knock off fragile ornaments.

Most upright storage is meant for climate-controlled storage as vertical storage bags tend to have more gaps. The other major issue with upright storage options is that they aren't easy to move around because. I wouldn't want to have to carry a bagged seven-foot tree up the stairs to the attic so keep in mind the tree's storage destination when deciding on a bag.

Flat storage bags are meant to rest horizontally and typically are designed to hold trees that have been disassembled. They're good for climate-controlled storage and the more expensive ones are good for storage in attics and basements. 

Some have built-in wheels which make it a breeze to transport your tree to and from storage. Once you get over five feet tall, those trees can get real heavy unless you're dealing with a half Christmas tree

Some bags end up being bigger than you expect and it can be tempting to just shove your whole tree in there but take the time to fold down all the branches before storing them.

If the branches are still fanned out, you'll have a harder time making the tree fit and are more likely to have needle loss or even branch damage from the act of carrying it to its desination.

How Important Is a Waterproof Christmas Tree Storage Container?

That depends on where the tree will be stored. If it's a garage or basement prone to humid conditions and even flooding, it's pretty important. Even an attic can present water damage issues if your roof were to leak.

If you're storing your tree in a humid or musty place like a basement, you can prevent the tree from picking up odors by putting an open box of baking soda inside the bag with the tree.

Just be sure to only put the baking soda box in after the bag is where it will be stored so the box doesn't get knocked over in transit. Baking soda does not make for good flocking.

(If you're as forgetful as I am, stick a note on the storage bag that the baking soda is in there so you take it out before picking up the bag the next year.)

*Don't store where the bag will get direct sunlight. The UV rays in sunlight can cause fading or discoloration of your tree. 

What About Other Christmas Storage Options?

If you're looking for nice storage for Christmas decorations that aren't your tree check out this three-drawer Christmas Ornament Box with dividers to fit 72 Christmas balls. For extra-large storage, Covermates Ornament Storage Boxes come in several sizes and max out at 192.