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21 Best Crystals For Home Decor You Can Buy on Amazon

There’s something so sumptuous yet relaxing about giant crystals. We’ve gathered the best crystals for home decor with the convenience of Amazon. Each one of these crystals is one-of-a-kind so they will go out of stock as they’re sold.

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What are crystals?

We've been around them most of our lives and probably own a little collection but a lot of us don't understand them much more than they're pretty rocks. But they're pretty rocks that didn't just appear--it takes specific and intricate circumstances to create a crystal.

According to the Smithsonian, all crystals are the result of a stew of different minerals, different temperatures, and different pressures. It's a little like a recipe. If you alter the temperature, you get a certain type of crystal and if you change the mix of minerals you'll get another type.

One of the neatest things is that a lot of what gives crystals their uniqueness and color is actually impurities. Pure quartz crystals are completely clear like ice. In fact, we get the word crystal from the Greek krýstallos, their word for quartz which translated to ice which is what pure clear quartz can look like

But the extra impurities that get mixed in that create beautiful colors like the pink of rose quartz and vibrant purples of amethyst. It's the flaws that give it character and unique shades of beauty. There's an after-school-special learning moment in there.

Crystal Energies

For centuries, humans have ascribed certain energies and powers to different types of crystals. And that's completely understandable. Just like how our ancestors viewed unexplainable lightning as the gods, and these hard, colorful crystals being found in the ground would be equally inexplicable before the time of geologists.

I happen to be one of those folks who uses crystals in their spiritual practice so I'm including information for each crystal (as available) for the energies associated with them. But even as someone who absolutely believes in this stuff, crystals are not a substitute for modern medicine and this information is not intended to treat any illness.