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11 Best Gas Fire Pits to Transform Your Patio

Sitting by a fire on a winter’s evening is simply the best. The right gas fire pit will make it easy — and elevate your backyard into everyone’s favorite gathering spot.

Gas fire pits became wildly popular during the pandemic, as people started looking for things to do at home, especially outdoors. We’ve rounded up the best options for every budget.

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Are Gas Fire Pits Safe?

If you've never had a patio fireplace or fire pit, you might be wondering why you'd want one now. If you've been contemplating whether to get one or not, it's important to know the advantages, and there are many.

First and foremost, when set up properly, a gas fire pit table or bowl is incredibly safe for your family and according to this article from The Outdoor Greatroom Company, safety is all about proper installation.

Of course, we are talking about fire, and whether you're burning wood, propane, or natural gas, someone could get burned so you'll want to give your kids a basic safety primer. 

Very Well Kids has some great information about fire safety for all kids that's definitely worth reviewing.

Are Gas Fire Pit Tables Expensive?

Almost all gas fire pits are considered tables as they come with burner covers to allow you to use the entire top surface for snacks and drinks when you aren't enjoying the flames. What we've discovered is that there are models from under $100 to models that reach into the thousands.

Naturally, style, size, and features are what determine the price as well as the materials they're made with. The most expensive fire pits can even be converted with kits that allow them to tap into your home's natural gas, eliminating the traditional propane tank altogether.

Are Propane Fires More Environmentally Friendly Than Wood Fires?

In some ways, gas fires are better especially for people who suffer from allergies. According to this article, they burn more cleanly as most are smoke and odor-free. They're practically made for the wellness lifestyle!

But there are many more considerations worth noting. Do you have space for a wood-burning fire put along with fuel? Stacking wood near your home can attract ants, termites, and other unwanted pests.

Also, wood fires tend to pop hot cinders and send up sparks that can ignite dry materials nearby. If you live in an arid or drought-ridden climate, gas is definitely a safer choice. 

Do Gas Fire Pits Keep You Warm?

If you're counting on warmth in addition to beauty, you're going to love a gas fire pit. In fact, in each of the models we've chosen, we share details on the number of BTUs of heat each delivers. Even the very smallest model that runs on a camping size propane tank sill gives you a cozy fire.

Wondering what a BTU means? BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. It's a way to measure both heating and cooling devices. If you want to get technical, this write-up from Essential Home and Garden can give you all the details.