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43 Best Wellness Products to Help You Live Better

Today, wellness products are everywhere. But which wellness brands are the best?

Click any product below to learn how it could work for you. We dove into the latest wellness trends (like CBG oil, which is different from CBD oil), and also included essentials for a home yoga practice and more.

Discover the best wellness brands to help you manage stress, boost your immunity, and more.

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Why am I hearing so much about health and wellness products right now?

In 2016, Google searches for the term "self-care" exploded. Today, it has become a meteoric hashtag and even an entire lifestyle.

In some ways, the wellness movement could be viewed as a natural response to an impersonal, sometimes reductive medical establishment. In our current healthcare system, many people -- especially women -- often feel their needs are unmet, their voices unheard.

These concerns are not unfounded. Throughout the history of modern medicine, medical studies and statistics have excluded women, leaving many of our conditions and diseases widely misunderstood. Many women's medical issues have been misdiagnosed, dismissed, or ignored.

“For much of documented history, women have been excluded from medical and science knowledge production, so essentially we’ve ended up with a healthcare system [...] that has been made by men for men,” public health researcher Dr. Kate Young told the Guardian.

(For more evidence of the struggles women face in their quest for health, check out our guide to the best books for women in their 20s.)

These products are not a replacement for traditional medical care. But the term "wellness" itself indicates a shift in our collective consciousness: While the medical establishment tends to view "health" as the absence of disease, many of us are building new habits that help us feel better in every way. In addressing our mind, body, and soul, we are beginning to view our health more holistically.

This movement has helped millions of people discover new ways to tune in to their emotions, sleep better, eat better, feel better, and generally live healthier, happier lives. 

Self-care isn't frivolous -- no matter how many bathtub selfies you see on Instagram.

"Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation,” the legendary Black feminist author Audre Lorde wrote in 1988, “and that is an act of political warfare.”

For many, her words ring true today, as we confront systemic injustices -- not to mention a global pandemic.

Are these the best wellness products of 2023?

We sure think so. We've been lucky enough to try a bunch of these.

Some were free samples. Others are things I've purchased, because I'm not just a wellness writer; I'm also a person who's very interested in wellness.

Do I need to buy products in order to practice self-care myself?

Nope. Self-care doesn't have to cost anything. It simply means tuning in to your body and listening to yourself, without judgment. (This is also known as mindfulness.) It means recognizing -- and prioritizing -- your own needs.

Don't be fooled by the performative wellness on Instagram. Your self-care could be as simple as recognizing when you're exhausted and taking a nap. (Not exactly primo Instagram content.) It could be a quiet afternoon of journaling or drinking tea with a close friend.

Wellness is for everyone, regardless of their budget. You don't need any special products.

I know, I'm not doing a very good job of selling the products on this post.

I only included them because they've helped me press pause, take a moment for myself, develop a wellness ritual, or simply feel better. 

I guess that's why I included so much chocolate.

The best products are the ones that work best for you. Even if that means no products at all.

Happy practicing!