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15 Best Kid’s Bookshelves: Your Ultimate List

Kid’s bedrooms and playrooms get messy quickly, especially with so many toys and books constantly on the floor. Help organize your child’s room with one of the best kid’s bookshelves and encourage a clean play space and more reading.

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With two small children at home, staying organized can be a never-ending battle. I've found that the key to staying ahead of my kid's clutter and mess, is to have plenty of appropriate spaces to put things away. In fact, my daughter's favorite word right now is "away", which says a lot. 

Best Wall Bookshelves

The most aesthetically pleasing bookshelves, in my opinion, are those on the wall. Not only are they great for small spaces where floor space is limited, but they look really nice. These floating shelves are perfect for a nursery or toddler's room. If you prefer a more industrial look, check out these wire wall bookshelves. 

Best Sling Bookcase

Sling bookcases are preferred by many since you can really see the cover of each book when it's placed properly and kids can choose books easily on their own. This top-rated sling bookshelf comes in a variety of colors and is very inexpensive. 


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