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70 Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $30: The Ultimate List

Kitchen gadgets don’t need to be expensive to be incredibly cool and useful. In fact, there are plenty of awesome finds that won’t break the bank.

Our list of the 70 best kitchen gadgets under $30 is stocked with all kinds of goodies and awesome kitchen accessories. We’re talking about unique tools, exceptional small appliances, and can’t-cook-without gadgets. The best part? Each item is from a quality brand known for making the best kitchen gear. There are even a few cooking game-changers on here we know you’ll love.

So, whether you’re shopping for yourself or just need to check some things off your family’s wish lists, be sure to check out our picks of awesome – and inexpensive! – cool kitchen gadgets under $30.

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"Cheap" Kitchen Gadgets? We Don't Think So

We hesitate to even use the word "cheap" because there's nothing "cheap" about these cool kitchen gadgets - except the price! We've long believed that quality kitchen accessories don't have to be expensive to be effective and useful.

Don't get us wrong, we love spending money on all the latest and greatest kitchen tools and accessories - but quality comes in all shapes, sizes, and prices.

Our list of the best kitchen gadgets under $30 features a range of cool finds and unique tools we know you'll love. And, you'll notice, all of these kitchen gadgets are well-reviewed, well-loved, and made by fabulous brands known for making some amazing products.

We even found some incredible deals on Crock-Pots, food processors, spiralizers, quesadilla makers, and more!

The Perfect Small Gifts: Kitchen Gadgets

As much as we love all receiving big gifts, there's a lot of fun that can be had with scooping up a variety of small items for a care package like nothing else. 

So, if you're shopping for someone who loves to cook, quirky and fun kitchen accessories and tools are great ideas.

We've featured several of our own personal favorites on this list - stuff we know that works, stuff we know you'll love, and stuff that's all under $30. Heck, there are great items on here for less than $15!

And, we'll be updating our list of the best kitchen gadgets under $30 over the coming days, because there's always room for more!

Be Cool This Year: Gift Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Between maneuvering the world of face masks and video conference calls, our world has changed. So, there's never been a better time to send a little birthday or "just thinking of you" cheer.

Rather than crossing family and friends off your shopping list completely, think about buying them less expensive gifts that don't cost as much to ship. We're all on a quest to spend less money this year, and there plenty of awesome finds on our list, and others, that won't break the bank.

Regardless of what you decide to do, or how much you decide to spend, there are some incredibly awesome kitchen gadgets under $30 we know the people you love will love receiving and using.

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