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101 Best Family Gift Ideas: The Ultimate List (Updated!)

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones everyone can enjoy. Family gifts that are meant to be shared, used, and loved by all are a great way to get some of those big-ticket items checked off everyone’s gift lists. So, if you’re looking for some stellar outside of the box and go-to Christmas presents for the entire crew, we’ve got you covered with an incredible list of family gift ideas.

Our list features it all: the latest gaming consoles, great outdoor activities, the coolest kitchen gadgets, the zippiest scooters, and the best in family fun night entertainment. We’re talking about some thoughtful and fantastic items with some serious “wow power,” people. We’ve even included budget-friendly options and a few miscellaneous ideas we know your entire crew will love.

To score on some knock-out family gifts this year, read on!

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Science Says: Spend Time Together

Like many of you, we're spending a lot more time at home with our families, too. While the days may blend together and everyday stressors may be at an all-time high, research actually shows that spending quality time with our children and families is incredibly beneficial to our mental and emotional health.

Whether it's sitting down to eat dinner as a family, cooking meals together, playing games together, or just engaging in meaningful conversations, there's a lot to be gained by being with those we love most.

Our list of the best family gift ideas includes a variety of products, toys, and games meant to be enjoyed by the entire family. We're all kids at heart, so all of these items are great for everyone, regardless of age.

So, treat your kids, treat your family, and treat yourself to one - or many! - of these family gift ideas this year. 

Why Buy Family Gifts?

Here's the really cool thing about buying family gifts: everyone gets to join in on the fun. Whether its a video game, board game, coffee maker, crating accessories, cooking gadgets, or the latest in outdoor activities, the more fun we can all have right now, the better.

Plus, parents are into all the cool gadgets and toys, too. Some of you may never admit it, but we're all young at heart. It's okay to think an instant print camera is totally awesome, and that making mini donuts is completely fun. And, yes, Exploding Kittens will become your favorite new game. Guilty.

So, make sure to peruse our ever-growing list of totally awesome family gift ideas. You're bound to find something that excites everyone.

What Kind of Family Gifts Are Best?

Our list of the best family gifts really does run the gamut. Not all families enjoy the same things or love the same kind of activities, so we wanted to make sure our list had something for not just everyone in the family, but for all kinds of families and dynamics.  

So, what kind of family gifts are best? Well, we think it's anything that you can do together. Games of all kinds, puzzles, cooking, gardening - all are great activities to do as a family, and all are on our list.