Top 10 Best Egyptian Jewelry Designs

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Ancient Egyptians loved jewelry. From paupers and peasants, to pharaohs and queens, every Egyptian, men and women alike, wore makeup and jewelry as an expression of their culture. In fact, most Egyptians believed that wearing jewelry could help to safely carry them into the afterlife. That makes perfect sense, when you think about the amazing treasures that have been discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb and many others in Egypt. (Of course, there’s a lot of legend and lore about the curse that supposedly befalls those tomb raiders.)

We’re still fascinated by, and in love with, Egyptian jewelry today, and you don’t have to think too hard about why that is. It is absolutely beautiful. From incredibly ornate necklaces and cuff bracelets, to the simplest earrings and rings, iconic Egyptian images loom large. Scarabs and goddesses played big roles in Egyptian culture and became a staple in jewelry designs, as did many interesting symbols and signs. Semi-precious gemstones like malachite, turquoise, carnelian, amethyst and lapis were often incorporated into gold, copper and bronze designs. When you consider the expertise of Egyptian jewelers, it’s pretty mind-blowing what they created more than 4,000 years ago.

For the sake of making your shopping more fun and interesting, we’ve picked some of ancient Egypt’s most well-known icons, and curated a gallery of beautiful jewelry choices, embellished with some interesting history, for your entertainment pleasure. We’ve ended with a bit of Cleopatra style, because she is one of our favorites. She was both beautiful, and smart – a true goddess in her own right. For an interesting look at a few facts you might not know about the Queen of the Nile, find out more about her here. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any curses befalling you when you buy and wear this gorgeous jewelry.

Whether movies like Cleopatra, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tomb Raiders or The Mummy have caused you to covet some Egyptian jewelry of your own, there’s no question, each piece makes a bold statement of your power, philosophy and style. Here are our favorite Top 10 Best Egyptian Jewelry Designs. (Editor’s note: No one was cursed in the writing of this post, or the wearing of this jewelry.)

The Egyptian Ankh

1. 14K Yellow Gold Egyptian Ankh Cross Pendant

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(Finding King)

The ankh is likely one of the most recognizable of all the Egyptian symbols, representing both mortal, and eternal life. The hieroglyph literally means “breath of life”, and has long been worshipped as a powerful fertility symbol. Modern day Christians embrace it as a representation of Christ’s promise of everlasting life. It’s also thought to be embelematic of the sun and light, and was most often cast in gold or bronze in ancient times because of that. Whichever of these interpretations strikes you, even if it’s perhaps a mix of all of them, the ankh is a powerful reminder of life, in full. This gorgeous 14K gold pendant is simple and elegant, and at nearly two inches long, could be worn beautifully by either a man or a woman. Be sure to get a 14k gold chain from which it can hang. There are many ankh designs available, including earrings and rings and bracelets.. If you’re on a budget, you can still find many beautiful ankh pendants in sterling silver that are very affordable. If you’re looking for a more colorful version of the ankh, a pendant embellished with lapis, turquoise and coral is a stunning example.

Price: $154.09

Buy the 14K Yellow Gold Egyptian Ankh Cross Pendant here.

The Eye of Horus

2. Sterling Silver Eye of Horus Serpent Earrings

egyptian jewelry, egyptian earrings, earrings, eye of horus, egyptian eye

(Kemet Art)

The eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, power and good health. This symbol was among those most often found among the artifacts in tombs of the Pharaohs, as it was thought to protect their spirits and ward off evils in the afterlife. Frequently associated with Egyptian goddesses and deities, the “eye” is made up of six distinctive parts, each said to represent each one of our senses – touch, taste, hearing, thought, sight and smell. Knowing a bit of history makes these gorgeous sterling earrings even more appealing. Hand cast by artisans in Egypt, they feature the eye of Horus dangled from an Egyptian lotus flower, with a serpent rising up in protection. You can also get this same depiction of the eye of Horus in a matching pendant. A Sterling Silver Eye of Horus and Ankh Bangle combines two important symbols of ancient Egypt in one supremely cool bracelet. A bold silver ring features a different interpretation of the eye of Horus, and could easily be worn by either women or men.

If you’re fascinated by Egyptian jewelry featuring the eye of Horus, browse for more here.

Price: $39.99

Buy the Sterling Silver Eye of Horus Serpent Earrings here.

The Egyptian Scarab

3. Michael Valitutti Palladium Silver & Gemstone Scarab Ring

egyptian jewelry, egyptian ring, scarab, scarab ring, Egyptian scarab

(Michael Valitutti)

While you might not consider the image of a dung beetle romantic, the Egyptian scarab was romanticized thousands of years ago. These industrious beetles were said to epitomize the Sun God rolling the sun around the planet, and hence, were held in highest esteem. Scarabs were often crafted to celebrate events, as well as to commemorate one’s death, and provide the assurance of resurrection. Winged scarabs were always woven into the bead nets covering mummies. Through the centuries, scarabs have been made of fine metals, gemstones and rock, most often carved or incised with the image of the beetle. This exquisite Michael Valitutti ring features the scarab beetle clutching a round red coral bead. The two tone body is accented by 28 round London blue topaz, and 10 sparkling green chrome diopside. Crafted of palladium silver, with a beautifully-constructed undergallery and 18K yellow gold-embraced detailing, this ring shines with a highly polished finish and is sure to get lots of admirers who’ll be fascinated by your knowledge of the symbolic meaning of the scarab. Seven incised natural gemstones make up the beautiful Scarab Bracelet, each nestled into a finely made 14K gold bezel. The winged scarab is the centerpiece of an Egyptian Revival Necklace, and turquoise cabochons adorn Elizabeth Coyne’s winged scarab earrings.

Find more scarab themed pieces of Egyptian jewelry right here.

Price: $217

Buy the Michael Valitutti Palladium Silver & Gemstone Scarab Ring here.

Queen Nefertiti

4. Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Pendant Set

egyptian jewelry, Egyptian necklace, Nefertiti, queen Nefertiti

(Fashion 21)

Nefertiti translates to “a beautiful woman has come”, and of course, that’s how the world remembers this 14th century BC Egyptian queen. Her astonishing beauty wowed her people, but archaeologists and historians are still baffled by her story, with some even speculating she may have come from Syria. A bust of Nefertiti is one of the most iconic symbols of Egypt. Unlike many arranged marriages of the time, Nefertiti became the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV at just 16 years old, and the king and queen became inseparable, openly sharing their affection and even kissing in public. The couple would go on to have six daughters, one of whom would eventually marry Tutankhamun, the future ruler of Egypt. Nefertiti is significant in Egyptian history because she was primarily involved in the creation of a whole new religion which worshiped only one God, Aten, or the sun disc. This classic set of Nefertiti pendants offers you two options, depending on your mood and your outfit – one smaller bust on a 16 inch box chain, and one larger bust on an 18 inch box chain. Both pendants are finished in an eye catching gold and bronze tone combination. You can also get this eye-catching pendant in a gold tone and black combination. Tiny Nefertiti stud earrings in 14K gold are a fitting homage to the beautiful queen. A sparkling two-tone 14K gold ring features red and white gem sets to add to Nefertiti’s regal beauty. A Winged Nefertiti Ring in Sterling Silver shows the queen in full form, rather than just a bust.

Price: $23.99 (29 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Pendant Set here.

The Egyptian Cartouche

5. Personalized Sterling Silver Egyptian Cartouche with 18K Gold Symbols

egyptian jewelry, Egyptian necklace, egyptian cartouche, cartouche

(Discoveries Egyptian Imports)

The Egyptian cartouche is like a tiny frame with a name or word written in hieroglyphics inside. The frame represents a looped rope, with the magical power to protect the name inside. Cartouches were worn for protection, both in life and in the afterlife. In fact, ancient Egyptians believed they had two souls, the Ba and the Ka. The symbols representing them were often placed in the cartouche so they could never be separated in the afterlife, because no one wants that. While cartouches were once reserved for royals and high ranking officials, you can now order your own, custom made with your name inside. While your name might be longer, don’t worry. The hieroglyphs used will represent the sounds in your name, not necessarily the letters. This lovely custom cartouche is made in Egypt, in sterling silver, with 18K gold symbols. You can order a solid 18K gold cartouche with an expected higher price tag. If you want to keep a sacred sentiment safe inside your cartouche, you can find ready made pendants with phrases like “I Love You” and “Peace”, or ones that honor your mother or father. Any of those would make great gift ideas.

Interested in looking at more custom and symbolic Egyptian cartouches? Click here.

Price: $100

Buy the Personalized Sterling Silver Egyptian Cartouche with 18K Gold Symbols here.

Egyptian Winged Isis

6. Winged Isis Ankh Bangle

egyptian jewelry, Egyptian bracelet, isis goddess, isis egyptian goddess


The Egyptian goddess of rebirth, Isis, is one of the most powerful symbols of femininity. The mythical daughter of earth and sky was revered for her almost limitless powers, including her ability to tame men. (A valuable trait for sure.) Isis was a bird goddess, and therefore her wings mimic those of a kestral, the most abundant falcon of Egypt. This hand cast bracelet features the winged goddess, front and center, surrounded by a circle of important symbols of ancient Egypt. The sides are flanked by the ankh, emblematic of life. The beautiful bangle features an oxidized background and polished foreground, making the Egyptian design really pop. A different style winged Isis design is the centerpiece of a chunky silver cuff that is flanked by the eye of Horus on each side. A kneeling Isis on a leather band feels both Egyptian and boho chic, as does an Isis pendant in pewter hung from a leather cord.

Price: $189

Buy the Winged Isis Ankh Bangle here.

Cleopatra Style

7. Cleopatra Pharaoh Design Egyptian Necklace

egyptian jewelry, cleopatra necklace, egyptian necklace, cleopatra

(Pricegems Museum Collection)

It’s almost hard to fathom the depths of our infatuation with Cleopatra. At just 17, she became one of the most powerful rulers of Egypt. She bonded with two of ancient Rome’s most powerful men, Julius Ceasar and Marc Anthony. And yet, after two decades in power, she took her own life. Is it her tragedy we’re attracted to? Are we wooed by her images as a royal beauty, or our visions of Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra? Many admire her keen intelligence and cunning, and who wouldn’t? She was educated in mathematics, philosophy, astronomy and more, plus she spoke ten languages. No matter how you think of her, when you think of Cleopatra, you can’t help but envision her wearing amazing jewelry. The ancient Egyptians were skilled jewelers, creating luxurious, and voluminous pieces from precious metals, lapis lazuli, turquoise, ivory, malachite, precious stones, and cloisonne enamel. Egyptian artistry was prized throughout the ancient world and still is. This necklace is inspired by ancient designs held in museums and in private collections. The two tone circle collar metal necklace evokes a Cleopatra feel as though it were hammered from gold and bronze. The Pharaoh’s Collar Necklace creates a big impact with a myraid of different shaped silver beads on a black background. The Lotus Warrior Cleopatra Necklace, made of simulated aventurine, is reminiscent of another museum style piece.

Price: $118 (24 percent of MSRP)

Buy the Cleopatra Pharaoh Design Egyptian Necklace here.

8. Elaments Design Solid Copper Arm Band

egyptian jewelry, arm bracelet arm cuff, upper arm bracelet

(Elaments Design)

It would be hard to imagine any movie you’ve seen without the presence of gorgeous copper arm bands. From slaves to royalty, these pieces represent an iconic Egyptian look and feel. This high-quality arm band was fashioned in the ancient Egyptian tradition. It’s hand hammered and and made from solid copper, prized in Egypt since more than two thousand years before the birth of Christ. It’s designed to gracefully lay around your upper arm, and is easy to adjust for almost every arm size. Whether you keep it shiny or let it develop a beautiful patina, you’ll love it. The Full Wave Copper Arm Band features a larger, mesmerizing winding design, and is also beautifully hand hammered. You’ll find Egyptian style copper rings, and beautiful hammered copper collars deliver Egyptian goddess style, with a modern twist.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Elaments Design Solid Copper Arm Band here.

9. Vintage Egyptian Cleopatra Crystal Bib Necklace

egyptian jewelry, cleopatra necklace, egyptian necklace, Cleopatra

(Q & Q Fashion)

Big, bold and gorgeous, this necklace makes a statement whenever you wear it. The bib, made of vintage crystals, sparkles like diamonds. With stone shapes that evoke ancient jewelry making, this necklace is also highlighted by interesting chain work, a highlight of Egyptian jewelry 4,000 years ago. If you want to channel Cleopatra in gold instead of silver, the chunky Black Flower Bib Necklace is a beauty. The hand-beaded Cleopatra Collar Necklace closely resembles the jewelry you see in many artist interpretations of Cleopatra. And if you’re going to play up your look, why not have even more fun with an Egyptian headpiece?

Price: $12.99 (87 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Vintage Egyptian Cleopatra Crystal Bib Necklace here.

10. Egyptian Motif Pharaoh & Serpents Wide Cuff Bracelet

egyptian jewelry, egyptian bracelet, cuff bracelet, Cleopatra

(Elaine Coyne)

The huge bronze or gold cuff bracelet was a staple in Egyptian jewelry, showing off a woman’s arm at a time before women were expected to cover up. This elaborate pharaoh and serpents Egyptian motif cuff is definitely an attention grabber. At two inches wide, its one-of-a-kind verdigris patina could make anyone believe it was created in ancient times by talented artisans. This statement piece is made of solid brass, and it features large genuine carnelian cabochons and lapis and malachite accent stones. The Egyptian Scarab Cuff features the popular beetle along with turquoise, carnelian and onyx embellishments. The Egyptian Lotus Hearts Cuff Bracelet delivers lots of style at a bit smaller price, with lots of the same stone embellishments and a classic lotus flower design. If you’re looking for an unadorned cuff that makes a huge impact, the wide cuff bangle sizes up at a full seven inches of gold tone Egyptian splendor.

Price: $128

Buy the Egyptian Motif Pharaoh & Serpents Wide Cuff Bracelet here.

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