11 Best Flavored Rolling Papers You Need to Try (2018)

flavored rolling papers

There’s something truly magical about flavored rolling papers. An extra taste engulfs your tongue and pours into your lungs, leaving you with hints of bud and deliciousness.

Whether you’re smoking on a citrus-y Clementine strain and mixing it with a coconut-flavored rolling paper, or toking on an earthy OG Kush intertwined with a hemp wrap, you’re in for an incredible flavor experience. To up your game, you definitely don’t want to forget about filter tips.

Let’s be honest, though, there are more than a fair share of gross rolling papers and blunts. “Tastes exactly like dragon berry!” my butt. If only you could see the massive eye roll associated with that statement.

Too many times rolling paper companies tout downright incorrect information about the flavors of their papers. Stop wasting money on papers that disappoint. Instead, invest in a flavored smoking experience you’ll never forget.

And if you’re unsure about diving into the world of flavored rolling papers, consider these bourgeois gold rolling papers, as well as these see-through ones.

Since flavored joint papers come in many different sizes, flavors, and quantities, I’ve broken down this list based on number of leaves. The first capsule contains the pack with the least amount of papers, while the last capsule has the most. Each capsule has a superlative headline, allowing you to read on for more information, or skim for ease.

So, let’s dive into these incredible flavored rolling papers. You’ll never be disappointed when you roll up a J again!

Flavored Cones

Look, flavored rolling papers are amazing and all. But if you suck at rolling (or just prefer something quick and easy), it’s much easier to go with some pre-rolls. Flavored cones give you the exact same taste experience as rolling on your own…without the hassle.

1. Best Funky Flavored Cones

flavored rolling papers

Discount Hookahs

If you’re down to try new flavors, then you definitely need to try the Cyclones Pimperschnaps Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones. Not only do they taste super delicious, they’re cones–otherwise known as pre-rolls. They’re the easiest way to roll a joint, no questions asked.

You just need to grind up your bud, dump it onto a rolling tray, scoop it into the cone, and twist off the end. It could not be any more simple.

These cones taste like pimperschnaps. It’s an off-the-wall flavor you have to experience, in order to understand what it actually tastes like. These babies burn ridiculously slow.

They’re also technically not rolling papers, in that they’re made from natural cotton cellulose, glycerin, and water. It’s a completely new smoking experience…and it’ll make your lungs infinitely happier. You definitely don’t want to miss these flavored cone.

Price: $5.73 for 3 Cones

Buy the Cycles Pre-Rolled Pimperschnaps 3 Pack here.


  • Not rolling papers, so it’s a cleaner smoke for your lungs
  • Pre-rolled to make your joint-making much easier
  • Comes with a joint holder


  • Pimperschnaps isn’t a flavor a lot of people have experienced before

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2. Best Flavored Cones

flavored rolling papers


Rolling a joint is hard–especially if you have no fine motor skills. By the end, you just feel frustrated and end up with a lousy J. In fact, it might not even be smokeable.

Rather than feel like poop (which you totally shouldn’t because tons of seasoned stoners can’t roll very well), invest in some cones to have a perfect joint every single time. Plus, cones save you a ton of time and effort. Just grind, dump, scoop, and twist off the end.

Cones are amazing, but flavored cones are like a true, heavenly gift. Not only do they make your life 109,374,931,846 times easier, they taste like sweet, sweet nectar. Each inhale provides an incredible grape flavor, second to absolutely none.

I’ll admit, artificial grape flavors are disgusting. There’s nothing worse than that manufactured taste staying on your tongue long after you’ve smoked. These babies, though, are delicious through-and-through. Heck, throw in a little Grape God to be extra cheeky.

Price: $8.49 for 8 Cones

Buy the Juicy Jay’s Juicy Jones Pre-rolled Grape Cone 4 Pack here.


  • Taste incredible
  • Make rolling ridiculously easy
  • Comes with two joint holders for easy travel and a reusable tip


  • May burn a bit more quickly than traditional rolling papers

Find more Juicy Jay’s Juicy Jones Pre-rolled Grape Cone 4 Pack information and reviews here.

Flavored Blunt Wraps

If you’ve been in the world of cannabis for any amount of time, you understand the importance of choosing a dank blunt wrap. A nasty flavor can ruin the entire experience, just as much as an amazing flavor can bring about bliss.

In this section, you’ll find tons of flavored wraps. There are a few non-traditional wraps that don’t contain tobacco, as you’d find in something like a White Owl or Swisher Sweet. Snag a pack to surprise the homies at your next sesh.

3. Best Hemp-Flavored Blunt Wraps

flavored rolling papers


If you’re smoking bud, you might as well smoke something that tastes exactly like bud. Rather than letting the taste of a rolling paper inhibit the flavors of your weed, you’ll experience a much more natural smoking session.

These babies are pretty big. In fact, they’re XXL, so they’re even larger than a typical king-size rolling paper. They’re also completely nicotine- and tobacco-free.

Since they’re made with hemp, they’re far more natural than your usual blunt wraps. There are four wraps per-package, bringing you to a total of 20 wraps in all.

Plus, you’ll receive a joint holder–what they refer to as a “doob tube”–so you can carry your freshly rolled bud without worrying about lint, water, or crushing it. For a clean, pure smoking experience, you definitely want to give the Kingpin Pure Hemp Flavored Wraps a shot.

Price: $10.95 for 20 Wraps

Buy the Kingpin Pure Hemp Flavored Wraps (Original G, 5 Packs) here.


  • Contains no nicotine or tobacco – much better for your lungs
  • So large they can be cut in half, doubling the number of wraps
  • Remain fresh if properly sealed after opening
  • Stick very easily, once you’ve licked them


  • Hemp-flavor is definitely not for everyone

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4. Best Surprise Flavored Blunt Wraps

flavored rolling papers


Zig Zags. You know you love them, and they love you right back. They’re an exceedingly well-known joint paper company, and have recently come up in the blunt wrap world, as well.

These babies tantalize your tongue when you lick the paper, in addition to when you smoke them. Blunt wraps are usually pretty, well, tobacco-y. I mean, that’s a given, but that doesn’t make the taste or burn any less terrible.

Flavored rolling papers, though, are a total game changer. Since Zig Zag produces great papers, adding in flavor was a breeze. There are so many to try, it’s pretty mind blowing.

Flavors such as blueberry and cherry are always a classic, while funkier flavors like mango and maracuana are possibilities, as well. No matter the order, you’ll always receive different packs, allowing you to extensively expand your flavored rolling papers collection.

Price: $29.39 for 60 Wraps

Buy the Zig Zag Wraps 30 Packs here.


  • Work well with rolling machines
  • Phenomenal price
  • Have the ability to try new flavors


  • Don’t get to choose the flavors
  • One or two wraps may be dried out

Find more Zig Zag Wraps 30 Packs information and reviews here.

Flavored Rolling Papers

We’ve covered relatively off-the-wall flavored rolling papers. Now it’s time to dive into joint papers in the more traditional sense. These babies are what you’d likely to encounter at a regular head shop. Just some good, ol’-fashioned flavored papers, in packs of 32+ leaves.

5. Most Dessert-Like Flavored Rolling Paper

flavored rolling papers


When it comes to flavored rolling papers, there tends to be an abundance of “normal flavors”. These can include apple, various berries, like strawberry and blueberry, and even peach.

But, most rolling papers shy away from dessert-like flavors. But if you are a big dessert lover, you’ll definitely want to try these Juicy Jays Birthday Cake Flavored Rolling Papers.

They’re like heaven in your mouth. When the heck have you ever had a gross-tasting birthday cake flavored anything? I’m gonna go ahead and say never. The best part about this pack is you receive one, so you can try it and come back for more.

There are 32 leaves and you’ll also receive a nifty sticker. Just add a filter tip, and you’ll be puffing on some delicious smoke in no time.

Price: $4.99 for 32 Papers

Buy the Juicy Jays Birthday Cake Flavored Rolling Papers here.


  • Comes with a sticker
  • Joint papers taste delicious
  • Great price


  • Skip this pack if you dislike sweet flavors

Find more Juicy Jays Birthday Cake Flavored Rolling Papers information and reviews here.

6. Best Fruity-Flavored Rolling Papers

flavored rolling papers


Just like cherry, blueberry is ridiculously hard to beat. Choosing “blue” is an almost guaranteed win. Except Windex. Drinking blue glass cleaner is definitely not a win.

Blueberry-flavored joint papers, however, are a home run. They’re like a high, outside change up, waiting to be crushed into the bleachers. But, instead of a baseball soaring, you’ll be soaring into 420 clouds.

I can’t say this enough: Juicy Jays are literally the best. There’s just no way around it. They burn slowly, smoothly, and deliciously. Not only do veteran stoners love them, they’re great for newbie rollers, too.

You’ll receive one pack of 32 papers. That’s 32 delectable, fruity joints. You seriously don’t want to miss the deliciousness of these blueberry-flavored rolling papers.

Price: $7.99 for 32 Papers

Buy the Juicy Jays Blueberry Flavored Rolling Papers here.


  • Legitimately taste like blueberries
  • Burn slowly
  • Stick easily once you lick them


  • Papers stick together if they get moist

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7. Best Flavored Rolling Paper Set-Up

flavored rolling papers


Regardless of if you’re just starting out rolling joints, want to upgrade, or are shopping for a gift, you’ve found the right thing. Juicy Jay lays it down hard, once again, with theirStrawberry Kiwi Blueberry Pack.

Literally the only thing missing is a grinder You can remedy that by snagging a one under-$15.

These puppies taste like a dream. Strawberry kiwi is already delicious, but strawberry kiwi and blueberry is heaven-sent. You’ll enjoy your joint even more after you’ve masterfully rolled it with the rolling machine.

To make your life even easier, use the clear scoop to minimize the amount of bud that touches your hands. Each time you touch bud, you get a little on your fingers, ultimately taking away the ability to smoke it. Use the scoop to reduce the “waste” of your hands. Invest in this flavored joint paper set-up now. You’ll be crazy stoked you did.

Price: $8.50 for 64 Papers

Buy the Juicy Jay’s Strawberry Kiwi Blueberry Pack here.


  • Makes your rolling experience very easy
  • Joint papers taste delicious
  • Great price


  • Machine has a learning curve associated with it

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8. Best Mixed Flavored Rolling Papers

flavored rolling papers


Sometimes when you want a good mix of flavored rolling papers, you want to know what you’ll receive. Sure, there are quite a few “mystery” or “random” boxes of flavored wraps you can purchase. What they lack, though, is the ability for you to choose them. You could end up with a bunch of flavors you downright hate. Instead, you can have the best of both worlds: mixed flavors and knowing what you’ll receive.

This particular bundle is tropical fruit, which includes pineapple, coconut, and mango. Choose from receiving one to three packs of each flavor. Additionally, each bundle comes with three doob tubes–containers for your joints.

You’re ready to go with this kit. Roll up in the morning, travel all day, and you’re set with some delicious, fruity papers, protected by your handy dandy joint containers.

Price: $9.99 (10 percent off MSRP) for 96 Papers

Buy the Bundle – 6 Items – Juicy Jays “Tropical Fruit” Flavors here.


  • Glue sticks well once it’s been licked
  • Taste like delicious, fruity rolling papers
  • Comes with doob tubes for travel


  • Papers will stick if exposed to moisture

Find more Bundle – 6 Items – Juicy Jays “Tropical Fruit” Flavors information and reviews here.

9. Best Cherry-Flavored Rolling Papers

flavored rolling papers


We all know cherry is the best flavor for just about anything. It almost never has that nasty manufactured taste, and it’s sweet, familiar, and invigorating on your tongue. Whether you’re sucking on a hard candy, sucker, or gummy worm, cherry is bound to put a smile on your face. Along the same lines of logic, cherry-flavored rolling papers are the bomb diggity.

Hello, 90s. Just like your favorite childhood candies, these Juicy Jay’s will put a grin on your face the second you open up the pack.

You’ll receive six packs of 32 papers, plus four doob tubes. So, if you like to keep a J wrapped for quick smokeage, you’ll have more than enough containers to use. Don’t miss out on these bad boys–they’re a surefire hit.

Price: $15.99 for 192 Papers

Buy the Juicy Jay’s Cherry King Size Flavored Cigarette Rolling Papers here.


  • Tastes strongly of cherries
  • Comes with four doob tubes for travel
  • Fit well with a rolling machine


  • Papers stick together if they get moist

Find more Juicy Jay’s Cherry King Size Flavored Cigarette Rolling Papers information and reviews here.

10. Best Overall Flavored Rolling Papers

flavored rolling papers

Juicy Jay’s

If you’ve been smoking papers for any extended period of time, you know the name Juicy Jay’s. They’re straight fire. Whatever the flavor, when you spark one up, it’s sure to tickle your tastebuds with a delicious, on-point taste.

Juicy Jay’s produce an insane number of flavors. You’ll recognize the usual ones: cherry, blueberry, grape, watermelon, etc. But, they sell tons of other “weird” (but still awesome) flavors, too.

Oftentimes, you can’t find these flavors in a regular gas station, or even at most head shops. Funky flavors include: Absinth, black magic, milk chocolate, and many more.

With this particular pack, you’ll receive 10 random packs of flavored rolling papers. A nice mix of both “regular” and “off-the-wall” flavors will arrive, but don’t shy away from the weird ones. You may just find your new favorite flavor with these funky flavored joint papers.

Price: $15.75 for 320 Papers

Buy the 10 x Juicy Jay’s Mixed 1 1/4 Flavoured Cigarette papers here.


  • You receive random, new flavors to try
  • Work well with rolling machines
  • Each flavor is unique and strong
  • Phenomenal price


  • Don’t get to choose the flavors
  • Glue strip may dry out over time

Find more 10 x Juicy Jay’s Mixed 1 1/4 Flavoured Cigarette papers information and reviews here.

11. Best Cheap Flavored Rolling Papers

flavored rolling papers


Maybe you’re a big fan of Juicy Jay’s…but not a big fan of the price. While they’re a phenomenal rolling paper, they’re also pretty darn expensive.

So, if you love those bad boys, but hate the price, you should definitely consider Kufox Hornets. Sure, they don’t have a big name behind them, but they’re certainly a fantastic, flavorful paper. And they’re a kick butt price to boot.

You’ll receive a mix of various flavors. They range from apple, banana, and grape, to mojito, coffee, and bubble gum. Of course, there are tons of flavors in between, so you’re bound to receive a surprise every time.

The papers are a bit thinner-than-usual, so if you’re a newbie it’s recommended you start with a different brand. If you’ve rolled before, though, these babies are a phenomenal smoke. You don’t want to miss this amazing deal on flavored rolling papers.

Price: $11.99 (19 percent off MSRP) for 750 Papers

Buy the Kufox Hornet Variety Juicy Fruit and Honey Flavored Cigarette Rolling Paper here.


  • Incredible price
  • Includes funky, new flavors
  • Burn slowly


  • Thin, so not recommended for newbies
  • Aren’t quite as flavorful as Juicy Jays

Find more Kufox Hornet Variety Juicy Fruit and Honey Flavored Cigarette Rolling Paper information and reviews here.

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