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Stoner Gifts: 101 Hits for 2023

The best stoner gifts aren’t just bongs. Stoners are individuals. We’re complex. (Plus, we probably already have a bong. Or six.)

Of course, we still included some incredible bongs. But we also rounded up the best weed vaporizers available, plus some awesome grinders, as well as some unexpected weed gifts to elevate every stoner on your list.

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Don't see the classic gifts for stoners you were expecting?

Stoner culture is evolving. It's not all bongs and tie-dye anymore. (Although we've included those types of weed gifts, too.)

The modern stoner views cannabis as a healthy part of their wellness routine. Stoners prioritize their mental health. Obviously. Why did you think we smoke so much pot?

To get a truly thoughtful gift for your favorite cannabis enthusiast, consider where and why your loved one consumes so much weed in the first place.

Do they suffer from insomnia? Anxiety? Aches and pains? Check out the awesome products we included for these folks. Choose gifts they'll enjoy before, during, and while getting stoned!

What are the best stoner gifts for him?

Wondering what to get for the guy in your life who loves cannabis? If he loves dabbing, maybe you could consider upgrading his dab nail -- especially if he's still using a glass nail. (Check out our guide to the best dab nails, including quartz, titanium, and ceramic options.)

Does he also get the munchies a lot? Check out our guide to the best ramen gifts

Does he enjoy wearing sweatshirts and smoking weed? (Shocking.) Buy him one of these comfy weed hoodies

Sometimes, the best gifts are something your favorite stoner would never get for themselves. Gold rolling papers, for example, don't really serve any practical purpose -- but they're awesome.

When I received free samples of gold rolling papers from Shine (the premier gold rolling paper company), my husband was delighted. Smoking joints coated in 24 Karat gold really does make you feel like a baller.

Your guy doesn't know how to roll joints? No problem. Check out our guide to pre-roll cones for weed. Now he can roll perfect joints every time -- no rolling skills required.

What are the best stoner gifts for her?

Women make up the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis users today. Some are longtime tokers; others are simply canna-curious. Some analysts suggest women are more drawn to cannabis edibles, CBD products, and cannabis-related skincare.

So you could check out the best CBD creams, or even get her some gourmet CBD chocolate. It's chocolate that's good for you: Who wouldn't want that? Giving someone a box of chocolates might sound cliche, but everyone will appreciate dark chocolate with full-spectrum hemp extract.

But really, any weed gifts for stoners could be a great gift for a female stoner. Just because female stoners are under-represented in the media and classic "stoner movies" doesn't mean they don't exist.

Depending on the individual, they might like any of these gifts for stoners included on this list. Or any of these cannabis accessories.

Stoner Gifts on Amazon

Amazon is full of awesome gifts for stoners. Their terms of service make certain products difficult to find. 

But you can still get tons of products on Amazon that stoners love. Many of those are listed above.

You can even buy real CBD on Amazon -- if you know where to look.

Best Stoner Gifts 2022

Everyone needs CBD right now. If you want to check out the most cutting-edge CBD products, check out our guide to the best CBD tincture brands available online right now. (Our authoritative guide, which only includes CBD products backed by lab results, includes a product with "nano-dispersion technology," one of the latest scientific trends to hit the CBD market.)

Another trending item? Electric weed grinders. For the stoner who loves convenience, check out the electric weed grinder pens included in our guide!

What do you get stoners for Christmas?

If you're looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, check out the CBD chocolates reviewed above.

Plus, stoners can never have too much glass. Check out our guide to the best bubblers out there.