5 Best Ice Bongs: Which Is Right for You? (2019)


You might be wondering: Aren’t all glass bongs also ice bongs? But some glass bongs actually aren’t designed to accommodate ice.

Some manufacturers may deem this old habit unnecessary, due to advanced percolator designs. But adding ice cubes can cool down your bong hit more than water alone.

So if you’re interested in a cool, smooth hit that’s easy on your lungs, read on for the best bongs online with ice catchers.

What Are the Best Ice Bongs For Sale Now?

Blaze Glass Ice Bong
  • Ergonomic design for reclining tokers
  • Honeycomb percolator for filtration
  • Fits a few ice cubes above ice catcher
Price: $74.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Roor Ice Bong
  • Respected German brand-name bong
  • Simple, classic design is easy to clean
  • Choice of joint size to fit other bowls
Price: $336.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Ehle ice bong
  • Small-batch German craftsmanship
  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Diffuser in downstem for added filtration
Price: $143.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Glasscity ice bong
  • Affordable, compared to similar models
  • Fan favorite! 80+ 5-star reviews online
  • Fast shipping
Price: $38.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Grace Glass ice bong
  • Artistic limited-edition design
  • Multiple percolators for smooth hits
  • Can also be used with concentrates
Price: $186.00 Shop at Grasscity Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Best for Toking While Reclining on Your Couch: Blaze Glass Layback Bong

    Price: $74.00
    • Bent-neck design for easy smoking while reclining, without sacrificing room for ice
    • Honeycomb percolator creates tiny bubbles, maximizing smoke filtered through water
    • Thick borosilicate glass for durability
    • Ice-catching disc futher filters smoke
    • 14-inch height; great size for passing around
    • Not ideal for use without ice. (Some users report bong water splashing upwards during huge tokes without ice.)
    • Some complaints about the bowl (large hole, requires screen)
    • No handle on bowl
    • Does not accomodate as much ice as larger ice bongs

    Do you find yourself becoming more horizontal after each bong hit? Many cannabis users swear by layback bongs, which help you smoke while reclining comfortably on your couch. You won’t even need to sit up. Layback bongs were probably designed for stoners, by stoners.

    Plus, if you’re looking specifically for a bong you can use with ice cubes, that’s probably because you enjoy smooth, cool hits. That’s exactly what this bong will deliver. The ice cubes you can fit into this wide neck aren’t the only feature helping make your hits easier on your lungs. This model also features a honeycomb percolator.

    Honeycomb percolators are widely considered the best kind of percolator. (Percolators, which disperse your smoke into bubbles and enhance the filtration power of your bong water, come in a wide variety of shapes.) Honeycomb percolators break up the smoke into tiny bubbles, which, as you inhale, are pulled through the water chamber. The tiny bubbles maximize the surface area of the smoke which comes into contact with the water, filtering contaminants and ash out of your smoke.

    But if you like to take massive bong hits, be careful. Some users report getting a small amount of bong water in their mouth when they pull too hard on this bong. (There is no splash guard on this model.) However, this only happens when you don’t put ice in the bong. So don’t forget to refill your ice trays. (Bonus: Your roommates won’t get mad at you for using all the ice.)

    Side note: There is some debate about whether adding ice to every bong session is good for your lungs. Troubling rumors suggest that the cold temperatures of the smoke may contribute to bronchitis. There is little scientific evidence available, but check out the end of this article for more information.

    If you’re looking for a giant monster bong to impress your heady friends, this might not be it. (Read on for your best option for massive bong rips.) This bong is only about 14 inches tall, which makes it perfect for passing around. But if you’re the type of stoner who thinks size matters, and you like to measure your bong against your friends’ bongs, this might not be for you.

  2. 2. Best for Impressing Your Friends: ROOR IceMaster Bong

    Price: $336.00
    • Most well-known high-quality brand in bong market
    • Made from extra-thick (7.0 mm) borosilicate glass for added durability
    • Simple, classic design with minimal features makes it easy to clean
    • Ice-catcher provides nearly a foot of space in tube for maximum ice cubes
    • Comes with traceable unique code to prove it is not a counterfeit ROOR
    • Choice of joint size at checkout makes it easy to pair with your own bowl pieces
    • Extremely expensive
    • No diffuser in downstem (not as many bubbles as most modern bongs)
    • Very basic design (no added features)
    • May take a while to ship from Europe
    • No handle on bowl to protect fingers from heat
    • Part sizes may vary slightly (each piece is made by hand)

    This is one of the most expensive bongs you can buy. But ROOR acolytes swear by this German manufacturer, which was founded in 1995 by a German glass artist. The brand is well known for simple, clean bong designs made with super-thick durable glass. This bong is made from 7mm borosilicate glass, while most bongs are made from 4-5mm glass. This reinforced glass could come in handy, because this bong, standing at 18 inches tall with a straight-tube design, is basically asking to get knocked over.

    Since its founding in 1995, ROOR became so famous for its high-quality bongs that counterfeit ROORs started appearing in head shops across America. In recent years, the German manufacturer has filed dozens of lawsuits against headshops and bong vendors for selling fake ROOR bongs. They also implemented a new system so you can rest assured your bong is a genuine German-made ROOR. Your bong will arrive with a unique code, which you can trace online to ensure that you own a bona fide ROOR, instead of some cheap knockoff. (Official bragging rights, confirmed.)

    For several hundred dollars, you might expect a bong with tons of bells and whistles. But that’s not how ROOR rolls. This is about as classic a bong design as you’ll find anywhere. It’s a straight tube with a removable downstem. The downstem has one straight opening, instead of a diffuser. It has no percolator of any kind. This all makes it relatively easy to clean. But it also means it’s not producing as many bubbles as fancier bongs, in which tiny slits diffuse your smoke, to help it filter more thoroughly through the water.

    Luckily, your hit will probably still be easy on your lungs. Because above the ice pinch (which keeps the ice cubes from falling down onto the thinner-glass downstem), you’ve got nearly a foot of glass to fill with ice. As your hit travels past this bonanza of ice cubes, the smoke will be cooled, making it easier on your lungs — even without a percolator. 

  3. 3. Best Similar-to-ROOR Bong without the $400 Price Tag: EHLE Big Brother Beaker Ice Bong

    Price: $143.00
    • Small-batch German craftsmanship without the ROOR price tag
    • Durable borosilicate glass (5 mm)
    • Diffuser in downstem for added filtration
    • Beaker design means more stable (plus more water in chamber for filtration)
    • Ice notch keeps ice safely above downstem and water
    • Still expensive
    • No percolator
    • Make take a while to ship from Germany

    Like the classic ROOR model listed above, this one is made in Germany, by a company that’s been making glass instruments for decades. But this one doesn’t cost several hundred dollars. Of course, it’s still expensive — the manufacturer, Ehle, makes its products in small batches to guarantee quality and craftsmanship. But at around $200, but this Ehle glass bong is about half the price of the comparable ROOR model.

    And it actually has more modern features. Its downstem has a diffuser, meaning tiny slits in the glass separate your hit into smaller bubbles, adding to the filtration power of the bong water. (The ROOR model above has a straight-shot downstem, with no diffuser slits.)

    It also has a wider beaker-shaped base, meaning it will be less likely to tip over. Which is pretty important, when you’re dropping a couple hundred bucks on a bong. Side bonus: The beaker base also means there’s more water in the chamber to filter your smoke.

    This bong has the more standard 5mm borosilicate glass, unlike the ROOR’s extra thick 7mm glass. (But since you’ll be less likely to knock it over, maybe that’s okay.) And it’s not quite as tall, but the ice catcher provides plenty of room in the tube for ice cubes.

    Maybe you won’t get to boast to your friends that you have a bona-fide ROOR. But if you’re looking for a quality German-made well-crafted glass ice bong, and you don’t want to spend over $400, this could be your best bet.

  4. 4. Best Affordable Ice Bong: Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong

    Price: $38.00
    • Affordable, compared to similar models
    • Simple design is easy to clean
    • Downstem has a built-in diffuser, for more bubbles/filtration
    • Ice catcher in neck accomodates several small ice cubes
    • Nice compact size is good for beginners and easy to transport
    • Screen for bowl is included
    • Quality borosilicate glass
    • Neck too narrow for full-size ice-tray ice cubes (It's okay -- just make smaller ice cubes!)
    • Downstem may be made of thinner glass
    • Included bowl has large hole, so it will need a screen
    • Requires a keck clip to keep downstem is in place (clip is included, but seems mildly annoying)

    The best bongs will always be glass bongs. The glass is easy to clean, built to withstand extreme temperatures, and more aesthetically pleasing than plastic or acrylic. Plus, the glass is translucent so you can see when the ice is melting and when the water needs to be dumped out. (Hopefully, before it creates a messy problem on your table.)

    But glass bongs are more expensive than plastic or acrylic bongs. Fortunately, you can still get a high-quality classic ice bong for under $60. This Glasscity water bong is a customer favorite.

    Some reviewers note that the neck is narrower than expected, and they can’t fit ice cubes from their ice tray. This actually isn’t all that uncommon. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: just make smaller ice cubes. When you’re refilling the ice trays (like the conscientious roommate you are), you just don’t fill them to the brim. Hopefully, your roommates won’t mind. (If they’re fellow ice bong lovers, they’ll probably high-five you for your foresight.)

    This model also has a diffuser in the downstem, so your smoke will be broken up into tiny bubbles and cooled by the water, before it even reaches the ice cubes. 

  5. 5. Best Ice Bong for Smokers Who Want to Dab Concentrates, Too: Grace Glass Limited Edition Ice Bong with HoneyComb Perc

    Price: $186.00
    • Artistic glassblowing with limited-edition design featuring one-eyed monster
    • Multiple percolators for smooth hits, even without ice
    • Includes vapor dome and nail attachment for dabbing concentrates
    • Also includes ice notches, for adding ice cubes when you're smoking flower
    • Not room for much ice (only fits a couple ice cubes near top)
    • Looks very difficult to clean
    • Design could mislead people into using ice cubes with concentrates (Don't do that)
    • Design may intimidate new users (or anyone with phobia about monsters)
    • Expensive

    Ice bongs aren’t normally intended for use with concentrates. When you dab concentrates, you use extremely high temperatures (usually with a butane torch) to turn your wax, oil, resin or shatter into a vapor. This is different from the normal combustion you get when you spark a bowl for a dab hit. Because you’re vaporizing your extracts at such a high temperature, you actually don’t want to use ice cubes. The ice cubes would cool the vapor too quickly, causing the resin to precipitate out of the smoke, and seriously gunk up the inside of your bong. Not to mention, you wouldn’t actually inhale all the cannabinoids and flavors dabs are known for, because too much of the good stuff would’ve been removed from your hit already.

    But this Grace Glass Ice Bong has options. And when you’re using it as a dab rig, you just don’t put ice cubes in it. Which wouldn’t be a huge loss, anyway: This ice bong only has room for an ice cube or two at the most.

    But you don’t need many ice cubes, because your smoke will already be well cooled and filtered before it reaches the ice. First, the smoke gets pulled through the drum diffuser attached to the downstem. The smoke is forced through its tiny holes, breaking it into many small bubbles, maximizing the surface area of the smoke that gets cooled by the water. Then the smoke is pulled through the honeycomb percolator, which further disperses and cools the smoke.

    So you don’t really need more than a couple ice cubes. Plus, with fewer ice cubes, you’re less likely to encounter the classic stoner problem: melting ice overflowing bong water out of your bong.

    This bowl doesn’t just have a handle. It has tentacles, which you can use to lift the bowl without burning your fingers. (The tentacles also prevent the bowl from rolling away when you set it down.)

    This bong comes with a vapor dome and nail, so if you’re looking to buy a dab rig and ice bong in one, this is perfect for you.

Who should buy an ice bong?

Probably anyone who enjoys bong hits.

Cooling your smoke seems like it has to be unequivocally better for your lungs. Nevertheless, there are people on the internet who aren't so sure.

Could ice cubes in your bong can cause bronchitis?

A few people on the internet have suggested that ice cubes in bongs can cause respiratory problems like bronchitis, especially for those with pre-existing respiratory problems.(Should people with respiratory conditions really be taking any kind of bong hit?)But it's hard to give much weight to this theory, which suggests that the ice cools the smoke too quickly, causing vapor to build up in your lungs.

This post on Potent Media, for example, is based on personal experience alone. It contains zero supporting evidence.

Another cannabis site reports that "these theories are completely unfounded and are backed up by no scientific research whatsoever, so don’t let this deter you [from putting ice in your bong]."

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