5 Best HHC Carts: Where to Buy Safe HHC Cartridges Online

HHC is a reference to several different types of cannabinoids. The majority of manufacturers utilize HHC in reference to a substance known as hexahydrocannabinol. This chemical has recently enjoyed a comeback as more legal types of THC have started to proliferate on the Internet.

Aside from traditional blunts and bongs, HHC is commonly consumed today in vape pens. You will need to purchase different flavors in the form of cartridges or carts, which attach to a vape pen. Learn more about what HHC is, whether it is safe or legal, and where you can buy it today with our list of the best HHC carts below.

Zkittles Vape Pen

hhc carts

Enjoy the latest hemp-derived cannabinoid vape pen built on a CBD foundation. It is a cannabinoid whose buzz is comparable to the smooth and subtle experience of Delta 8. These disposable, hand-made vape pens are crafted to perfection by professional artisans and designed for new and experienced users alike.

One pen contains 900mg of HHC, consumable in up to 240 puffs at 3.75mg of strength per hit. This allows for the safest, purest, and cleanest HHC available on the market. Each of the cannabinoids from this brand is sent to third-party testing labs to confirm purity and provide certificates of authenticity for your online inspection.

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Blue Dream Cartridge

blue dream hhc cart

Open up to a whole new wealth of experiences from hemp-derived cannabinoids built on top of CBD. Now available in a delicious Blue Dream flavor, a classic strain made from the flavors of pine and herbs, a few hits of this cartridge will put you right to bed.

All vape cartridges are tested by third parties to verify sanitation and lack of contaminants. If you desire a new way to enjoy your hemp with a handcrafted cannabinoid, consider the 900mg found in Artisan Blue Dream Cartridges. It is legal across the entire United States and has a subtle, sweet buzz made to perfection.

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Maui Wowie Cartridge

maui waui

For a taste of Miami, one of the most popular cities in the nation, where the weather is hot and sunny, look no further than the Maui Wowie. Get the Miami high experience with the newest HHC cartridge by DiamondCBD.

The buzz felt from this disposable flavor cartridge will be felt from head to toe and is distilled to pure form.

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Sour Diesel Cartridge

hhc sour diesel cart

The old-school “sour d” is one of the most reputable strains of Sativa marijuana made from an amalgamation of super skunk and chemdawg.

Now in HHC form, to deliver a more pure experience, the effects are energizing, dreamy, fast-acting, and cerebral. It features a flavor profile whose smell is comparable to that of real diesel. Many patients prescribed medical marijuana consume sour diesel to aid stress, depression, and pain symptoms.

Today, DiamondCBD offers disposable HHC cartridges containing this incredibly popular substance. Lab-tested for quality assurance, you’ll know you’re getting the best on the market by investing in these cartridges.

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Green Crack Cartridge

green crack hhc

The Green Crack flavor is another variation of HHC cartridges offered by the artisans of DiamondCBD. They provide an outstanding euphoric experience that delivers a potent strain of Sativa. This leaves you euphoric and upbeat for an all-day effect.

The fruity aroma and tangy texture will help you fight the work week with next to no effort. There are no adulterants or contaminants as each cartridge is third-party lab tested to assure quality. Enjoy a full 900mg in a single cartridge for as many as 240 amazing hits.

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HHC Overview

Despite the fact that HHC is naturally derived from hexahydrocannabinol, it is famous for being one of the first synthetic cannabinoids in history. Furthermore, HHC shares much in common with Delta 9 THC and has comparable effects.

Due to the fact that HHC is only available in small quantities of cannabis hemp, it is typically created through the hydrogenation of THC.

Often made for sale in the form of a vape cartridge, these products are called HHC cartridges as they contain distillate. This extract consists of synthesized HHC in combination with a carrier substance, including cannabis distillate rich in terpenes.

Is HHC a Sativa or an Indica?

You can combine HHC with the terpenes of either Sativa or Indica. The profiles of particular cannabis strains have genetics that lean towards one or the other, though, and manufacturers are able to create whatever combination they desire. Look right on the packaging of the HHC cart you’re thinking about buying and you’ll clearly see whether it’s Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid.

How does HHC stand apart as a cannabinoid?

Hexahydrocannabinol has a completely different molecular structure from traditional THC, though it is quite similar. The natural THC variants, including THCV and Delta 8, have small tweaks to the structure, but HHC has an incomparable shape. While the back halves are the same, the front halves differ. Consequently, the resulting effects felt by your body are different despite some shared experiences.

What is the purpose of HHC?

Although HHC no longer has a place in common cannabinoid research, there are many useful derivatives that can now be directly synthesized, so production has halted. In response to the growing popularity of Delta 8, HHC is now considered another type of legal THC to sell to the masses.

Regardless of the marketing material produced, though, HHC and Delta 8 are not equitable. One is a natural substance, while the other is a cannabinoid that is synthetically derived.

Does HHC have psychoactive properties?

Yes, the various synthetic substances contained within HHC are known to have psychoactive effects. While they behave in a similar fashion to THC, the structures are different and will create an alternative style of the hit.

Generally speaking, users have reported that HHC is capable of producing a high that is like THC, but they have a less intense effect due to the mild level of activity at the CB1 receptors of the brain. Still, if consumed enough, the potency is comparable to other THC forms.

Is HHC a legal substance?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, marijuana’s definition saw hemp cannabinoids removed from the equation. As such, hemp-derived cannabinoids are considered legal as long as they contain below 0.3% of Delta 9 THC.

The DEA has indicated that rules for synthetic cannabinoids differ from those naturally derived from cannabis. As HHC is synthetic, the federal government may observe the substance to operate outside of hemp. It is not considered a Schedule I drug the same way that Delta 9 THC is.

Can I buy HHC online?

Yes, although it is one of the rarest derivatives of THC. Due to the fact that the molecular plans for HHC have existed for decades, it’s safe to assume that producers are finding it incredibly simple to synthesize.

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