5 Best CBD Pain Relief Creams: Which is Right For You?

There are innumerable cannabidiol (CBD) products to soothe your pains and aches. From oils to vapes to gummies, there are CBD products found everywhere. However, if you are specifically suffering from pain in the joints and muscles, you may find CBD creams to be especially beneficial.

However, it’s often challenging to have to pour through the multitude of CBD products available on the market. Many brands look professional but may not be the real deal. Each of the following brands we recommended has been tested by the editor to make the shopping experience easier for you.

CBD Oil Biotech Muscle Magic Joint Relief Cream

muscle magic cbd

CBD Oil Biotech’s 1000mg Muscle Magic Relief cream is made with fully hemp-derived, all-natural CBD that brings both restoration and renewal for the reinvigoration of your day.

The CBD isolate has been cultivated from non-GMO, organically cultivated hemp that is rich in nutrients and made in America.

Rub the cream on your aching joints for near-instant effects. This product has been tested in the lab for safety and quality assurance.

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Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Cream

lt cbd cream

In a partnership with one of the most reputable players in the history of the NFL, Lawrence Taylor Pain Master Cream is a truly incredible topical for athletes who struggle with constant discomfort and persistent aches after challenging workouts. Although many medications aid in alleviating physical pain, over-the-counter solutions aren’t always ideal for fitness aficionados who want a fully natural approach.

Due to the side effects, pain pills take a backseat to more plant-based products. Topicals that are plant-based have localized support. Furthermore, they allow you to apply comforting botanicals and cannabinoids in the exact spots that you need them most. Even though edibles and oils work to support your health as well, topicals allow the delivery of targeted comfort where you need it.

The pain master cream offered by Lawrence Taylor utilizes plant extract of the highest quality to get much-needed, natural support in a potent formula that is designed for individuals with extremely active lifestyles. It contains key ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel, White Protopet, and Tea Tree Oil to make the cream work immediately after contact.

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Urgent CBD Pain Cream


Whether you are pushing to make big moves in conferences or throwing down the ball on the field, get the Urgent CBD Pain Cream for immediate relief. With 3.5% active menthol, this non-greasy, organic, and fully natural CBD cream will work wonders for you.

The hemp offers deep penetration and protects as a hypo-allergenic. It contains all the benefits of CBD isolate while preventing any psychoactive effects. Target your most painful areas for urgent care.

CBD Oil Biotech Hand & Body Lotion

cbd oil biotech

There is no better method to pamper and exfoliate your skin than with the silky smooth lotion of CBD Oil Biotech’s CBD Hand and Body cream. It is infused with the best of nature’s CBD directly derived from hemp to hug the skin.

It wraps your edges in soft, warm, and luxurious cream to feel a sense of relaxation you deserve after a long day spent caring and working for others.

Use it right after a shower, bath, or any other time of day at the moment your skin begins feeling cracked and dry. The full-spectrum CBD Oil Biotech Hand & Body Lotion is the ultimate way to enjoy personal time each day.

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Diamond CBD Pain Relief Cream


Use the outstanding cream by DiamondCBD multiple times daily to relax every aching muscle and joint. This non-psychoactive cream provides you the best of both worlds with CBD of the full-spectrum variety.

Made with fully organic and natural ingredients from industry-leading hemp, you can apply this cream just about anywhere. Consider it for bruises, backaches, arthritis, sprains, etc.

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What is CBD?

The cannabis plant contains a chemical compound known as CBD that comes in several different formalities.

  • Broad-spectrum CBD products do not have any trace of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) but do have other compounds found in cannabis plants, such as flavonoids and terpenes.
  • CBD isolate is pure CPD that contains no additional compounds in cannabis plants.
  • Full-spectrum CBD contains small concentrations of THC (below 0.3%) to prevent you from feeling psychoactive effects. A theory known as the entourage effect suggests that taking THC and CBD together in one product provides more benefits than standalone.

How does CBD cream aid in pain relief?

The pain-relief capabilities of CBD are still in the early research stages. Still, there is already sufficient evidence that suggests that topical products, including creams, aid in sensations including:

  • Arthritis: A study conducted on a small group of animals in 2016 concluded that applying topical CBD products reduces swelling and pain related to arthritis.
  • Jaw: A 2019 research report investigated how topical CBD products provide relief from specific forms of facial pain related to the jaw. After applying cream two times each day in a two-week period, participants experienced significantly less pain.
  • Nerve: In 2020, a study analyzed the effects of CBD oil on treating pain. Each of the participants, struggling with nerve damage, claimed to have had pain levels reduced.

What is the difference between CBD cream and CBD oil?

Topical ointments and creams are localized methods to target specific areas of the body with top-layer skin penetration for rapid delivery. Most CBD cream products will not enter the bloodstream and are unlikely to interact with any of your existing medications.

Conversely, tinctures and oils containing CBD get absorbed through your mucus membranes. They also take longer to deliver as they need to be processed by your body. Always consult a medical professional before consuming CBD to ensure they will not interact with your existing medications.

Do CBD creams alter your state of mind?

No, because they do not contain the psychoactive compound of THC found in cannabis. Instead, CBD creams utilize hemp extract from the cannabis plant, which is both non-addictive and non-psychoactive.

It provides all the relaxation and relief features without making you high. This also means that the creams will not appear on THC drug tests and are perfectly legal.

How do I apply CBD creams?

Simple pump, squeeze, or scoop the cream into your hands, then gently massage the product on a targeted area of the skin for up to 30 seconds. Depending on which brand you invest in, you may need to wait a certain number of minutes or hours for the product to take effect.

Are there any side effects to CBD creams?

Like anything you consume with chemical properties, there is a window for side effects. However, the side effects felt by CBD creams are quite rare and typically include fatigue, changes in appetite, and diarrhea.

Certain strands of cannabinoids have caused allergic reactions in people, with symptoms comparable to pollen allergies. If you are ingesting CBD instead of using the cream, there is a potential to cause interaction with the existing drugs you are taking.

Is CBD cream addictive?

Currently, anecdotal and scientific research has no proof that suggests CBD cream is physically addictive. Because of this, it helps to reduce much of the anxiety and cravings of those who suffer from addiction to other substances. Although you can use CBD cream every day, it may not be necessary to do so. The optimal amount depends on you and the issues you are facing with aches and pains.

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