The Smark Rant: UFC 37.5

Welterweights: Robbie Lawler v. Steve Berger

This is highlights of the fight, as it was shown on The Best Damn Sports Show Period, the first MMA fight ever shown on basic cable. Lawler dominates round one and then finishes with a knockout early in round 2.

Welterweights: Pete Spratt v. Zach Light

Light is another Tito Ortiz trainee who went nowhere. Light gets the takedown and Spratt wraps him up in the guard, then waits for an opening and finishes with an armbar from the bottom at 2:25. And that’s how you do it when a wrestler gets too cocky from the top.

Welterweights: Nick Serra v. Benji Radach

Nick tries to get it to the ground, but Radach won’t bite, so he forces the issue with a single-leg. Radach still won’t go down, so Serra pulls guard and works for a triangle from the bottom. He can’t really sink it, allowing Radach to break free and pound away from the top. He controls from there until the end of the round. 10-9 Radach, as he evaded the submission attempt and dominated on top.

Round two and Serra wants it on the ground again, so Radach ends up on top for the second time. Serra really wants the triangle, but Radach easily fights him off, and Big John stands it up. Serra shoots and gets a solid takedown, then passes into side mount. He controls there until the end of the round. Serra had enough for a 10-9 win that round.

Third round and they go to the ground again (which the crowd boos), and they get stood up again. Radach then knocks Serra on his ass with a right, but doesn’t finish. Instead, it’s back into Serra’s guard, as he’s really just a one-dimensional submission guy. Big John stands them up again, trying to get Serra to do something offensive. Waiting out the other guy and trying for triangles was passé all way back in the single-digit UFCs. Round 3 ends with nothing going on. 10-9 Radach, and the judges say 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Radach.