Heavy MMA Rankings: July 2010

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Bantamweight (126lbs. – 135lbs.)

1 Dominick Cruz
15-1-0 WEC
He moved down following a loss to Urijah Faber. Now Faber is moving down as well. Cruz v. Faber 2?

2 Brian Bowles
8-1-0 WEC
He seemed poised to rule over the division, but fell against Cruz. When will he return to action and against whom?

3 Joseph Benavidez
12-1-0 WEC
He’ll get the chance to avenge his only loss when he challenges Cruz for the title at WEC 50, Aug. 18th.

4 Miguel Torres
37-3-0 WEC
It’s hard to imagine Torres losing two straight matches after having beaten every fighter he had ever fought in his career.

5 Scott Jorgensen
10-3-0 WEC
He’ll look to extend his win streak to five when he fights Pickett at WEC 50 on Aug. 18th.

6 Takeya Mizugaki
13-4-2 WEC
A win over Faber could net him another title shot.

7 Damacio Page
12-4-0 WEC
Fun fact 1: He was the last person to fight Genki Sudo. Fun fact 2: He is starting his own MMA promotion.

8 Shuichiro Katsumura
Shooto Not only did he beat long time Shooto champ Ueda, he forced him to submit with a brabo choke.

9 Masakatsu Ueda
10-1-2 Shooto
After losing his Shooto title, Ueda rebounded nicely with a win over WEC vet and former Shooto Lightweight (143lbs.) champ Akitoshi Tamura.

10 Rani Yahya
15-6-0 WEC
He got off to a hot start in his return to WEC, beating Wineland and Yoshiro Maeda, but is coming off of back-to-back losses.

11 Eddie Wineland
17-6-1 WEC
The end of the Campuzano fight was really something and has the former champ, on a three-fight win streak, thinking of another title opportunity.

12 Charlie Valencia
12-5-0 WEC
His previously scheduled match against Wineland, which he missed due to injury, still makes sense.

On the brink: Wagnney Fabiano (WEC, 14-2-0), Masakazu Imanari (DEEP, 19-7-1), Cole Escovedo (DREAM, 16-4-0)