• Pound For Pound MMA Rankings: The 10 Best Fighters In The World

    Did UFC 146 and 147 affect our pound for pound rankings? Find out after the jump.

  • Heavy’s Pound-for-Pound MMA Rankings

  • HeavyMMA Rankings: The Bantamweight Division

  • HeavyMMA Rankings: The Featherweight Division

  • HeavyMMA Rankings: The Lightweight Division

  • Dana White Says Jon Jones May Be Climbing, but Anderson Silva Still No. 1

    Jon Jones may be making a case for it every time out, but Dana White says his UFC middleweight champ, Anderson Silva, is still No. 1 in the world. #MMA #UFC #UFC145

  • HeavyMMA Rankings: The Welterweight Division

  • HeavyMMA Rankings: The Middleweight Division

  • HeavyMMA Rankings: The Light Heavyweight Division

  • HeavyMMA Rankings: The Heavyweight Division

  • Heavy’s Pound-for-Pound MMA Rankings

    HeavyMMA's rankings have been resurrected, and we start this week with the always-controversial pound-for-pound list. The top four fighters in the world are fairly universal – Silva, St-Pierre, Aldo and Jones. But where will they fall on Heavy's list?

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  • MMA Pound For Pound Rankings: November 2011

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    Check out the latest MMA pound for pound rankings for June 2011 from the HeavyMMA team.

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  • HeavyMMA April Rankings: Welterweight

  • HeavyMMA April Rankings: Middleweight

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  • HeavyMMA April Rankings: Heavyweight

    The heavyweight rankings stay largely the same this month, but we're in for a storm of activity in the division in the coming months.

  • Pound for Pound Rankings: March 2011

  • Pound for Pound Rankings: March 2011

  • HeavyMMA Rankings: February 2011

  • HeavyMMA February Rankings: Bantamweight

  • HeavyMMA February Rankings: Featherweight

    Jose Aldo remains atop a featherweight division plagued by inactivity.