Lytle Submits Hardy in War, Henderson Dominates Miller

Live blog and results for tonight’s exciting UFC card

MILWAUKEE – is reporting live from the Bradley Center for tonight’s UFC on Versus 5 event.

The card is headlined by a welterweight clash between Dan Hardy and the retiring Chris Lytle, who announced yesterday that tonight would be his final mixed martial arts bout.

The preliminary card begins at 5:45 p.m. ET, and we’ll have complete results and commentary for all of the Facebook and Versus fights.


EDWIN FIGUEROA VS. JASON REINHARDT: Reinhardt unveiled an interesting tactic in the first round, straight out of the Houston Alexander playbook. He danced around the cage and implored Figueroa to engage. The problem? Figueroa was trying to engage, but Reinhardt just kept dancing around. He finally took the fight to the ground and got Figueroa’s back, but couldn’t get a choke, and Figueroa reversed. Figueroa did plenty of damage via ground and pound the rest of the round.

The second round saw Reinhardt get another takedown, but Figueroa did a sweet reversal into the mount and finished Reinhardt on the ground with elbows. I suspect this is the last time you will see Reinhardt in the UFC, and for good reason. He gassed badly in the first round and doesn’t have anything to offer. Figueroa is a legitimate prospect in this division. Edwin Figueroa d. Jason Reinhardt via TKO, round 2.

DANNY CASTILLO VS. JACOB VOLKMANN: Volkmann for President won’t be a very successful campaign, but it seems entertaining enough. Both guys did some entertaining attempts at clinch work early, and Volkmann finally got Castillo to the ground. He locked in what looked to be a D’Arce choke and very nearly had Castillo finished, but Danny was able to get out and get back to the feet. Nice job by Volkmann on the takedown defense against a very strong wrestler. He takes the first round on the strength of the choke and avoiding Castillo’s takedowns. Castillo did land a few nice leg kicks and a nasty body kick, but that’s about it.

Castillo came out hard in the second round trying to get a takedown, but Volkmann is just too strong for him. This is a pretty good technical grappling battle. I’m a fan. Volkmann powered out and used a nice sweep to get in half guard. Volkmann tried another D’Arce and had it locked in, but Castillo escaped. Volkmann went right back to the D’Arce, and this one was really deep. Castillo was able to do just enough to defend, though, and survived the round. Volkmann takes the second round. Castillo will need a finish in the third to win this one.

Castillo’s trying a home run shot here and there, but not getting it. Volkmann tried getting it back to the ground, but Castillo scrambled and did a great job avoiding it. Castillo went for a leg kick but Volkmann caught it and takes him to the ground, ending up back in half guard and going for the D’Arce yet again. He slowly works in the D’Arce and finally locks it in, but Castillo is apparently impervious to the choke and gets out yet again after being in the hold for at least 90 seconds. Volkmann is going for the choke yet again. He really wants to finish this fight with a D’Arce. Mario Yamasaki is telling them that he’s going to stand them up. What? He has Castillo in a D’Arce choke! That would be the worst stand-up of all time. Luckily he doesn’t, and the round ends. Volkmann should take the decision here. Great performance all around from Volkmann, and a great job by Castillo in getting out of the 2,500 D’Arce chokes he was put in during the fight. Jacob Volkmann d. Danny Castillo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).

COLE MILLER VS. T.J. O’BRIEN: O’Brien gets points for walking out to “Shipping Up To Boston,” although I bet Forrest Griffin is not happy with his choice. Miler does a good job early of checking and avoiding leg kicks. O’Brien lands a nice left hook and follows up with a combo to the body. He keeps attacking but misses quite a bit. Both guys are using a lot of punches straight down the pipe, a strike that is drastically underutilized in MMA. O’Brien appeared to hurt himself on a leg kick and limped, but recovered quickly. Miller attacked the leg and landed several really nice hooks. Nice head switch kick from Miller. Miller may have done enough to steal this round after a slow start, but it’s a close one.

Both guys try the front kick – known in the family as the Footercut – but neither guy lands it. They exchange and Miller drops O’Brien with a counter left hook. He doesn’t follow up on the ground and instead chooses to use leg kicks to the downed opponent. O’Brien gets up and tries a takedown, but Miller quickly grasps a guillotine choke and finishes the fight. Cole Miller d. T.J. O’Brien via submission, round 2

ALEX CACERES VS. JIM HETTES: Bruce Leeroy does not disappoint with his entrance. I have no idea what he was wearing, but it was awesome. If entertainment value alone could keep you in the UFC, this guy would have a job for life. A wild exchange starts the fight, followed by another wild exchange. Hettes looks for a knee bar, but Caceres does a good job of staying out and drills him from a standing position. Hettes gets back to his feet and gets a takedown, where Caceres uses a unique guard. Caceres goes for a leg lock and misses, but uses it as a sweep and gets back to his feet where he drills Hettes again. Hettes uses the same move and gets back to his feet, then immediately takes Caceres to the ground. Caceres wants an omoplata and doesn’t get it, but they get back to the feet. Caceres misses a knee and Hettes goes for another leg lock, but Caceres twists and turns his way back on top. Hettes sweeps and gets back on top. This one is tough to type because so much is happening. One hell of a round right there and I have zero idea how to score it.

Hettes gets a very nice judo throw to start the round, and then tries a D’Arce which Caceres slips out of. Hettes gets the back and they transition a bunch, but Hettes ends up on top trying an arm triangle. He doesn’t get it and Caceres transitions out. Hettes tries a guillotine but doesn’t get it, then goes for a triangle and then an omoplata, and once again Caceres gets out. This is awesome. Hettes gets another judo throw and ends up on top in crucifix, but Caceres rolls out and gets back to his feet. Hettes suddenly locks in a rear naked choke from the side and takes Caceres down, where the former Ultimate Fighter almost immediately taps out. This was an incredible fight and will be high on the list of contenders for Fight of the Night. If one of the main card fights is better than this one, they should still give both dudes some extra cash. I suspect they will. Jim Hettes d. Alex Caceres via submission, round 2