Lytle Submits Hardy in War, Henderson Dominates Miller


DUANE LUDWIG VS. AMIR SADOLLAH: This should be a great striking battle. Of course, now that I’ve typed those words, it means we’re in for a boring wrestling match. That’s the kind of karma I have. The first half of the first round saw a clinch battle, but when they separated, Ludwig began battering Sadollah on the feet. Ludwig staggered Amir twice and continually landed all manner of punches, knees and kicks. Sadollah looked incredibly uncomfortable on the feet. Ludwig takes the round easily. Sadollah needs to rethink his plan of striking with Ludwig.

Ludwig’s countering was the theme of the second round. He continually landed a sharp left hook whenever Amir stepped in with a jab, and he seems to have Sadollah scouted very well. Amir couldn’t get Ludwig to the ground and we even saw a rare Duane Ludwig takedown attempt that failed. Sadollah needs a finish in the third round because he’s been battered throughout the first two.

Ludwig tired noticeably in the third round, which should have given Sadollah a chance to capitalize, but Sadollah’s punches were coming in slow. He tried several takedowns but Ludwig stuffed all of them. Sadollah continually relied on the push kick to Ludwig’s stomach, keeping Ludwig at bay but doing zero actual damage. Still, though Sadollah did far more and landed far more in this round than he did in the first two, but Ludwig still landed plenty of counters, including the left hook he’s been landing all night long. Ludwig got another takedown late in the round. We’ll give Sadollah this one, but just barely. Duane Ludwig d. Amir Sadollah via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

DONALD CERRONE VS. CHARLES OLIVEIRA: This was my pre-show pick for Fight of the Night, but it has plenty to contend with from the prelims. Both guys exchanged strikes early with neither guy getting the better of it, but Cerrone landed a few nice leg kicks. Oliviera has nasty leg kicks as well. Cerrone hit Oliveira in the junk with a kick – Cerrone disagreed with it, but it did look to be at least a glancing blow. Oliveira wanted to get Cerrone to the ground several times, but Cerrone did a great job getting away. Cerrone drilled Oliveira with a knee, causing Oliveira to drop to his back, and then finished the Brazilian with ground and pound while Oliveira covered up. Huge win for Donald Cerrone. Donald Cerrone d. Charles Oliviera via TKO, round 1

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